Saturday, March 02, 2013

Writer’s Workplace: Jane Porter and a Give Away!

Today the Pink Heart Society is happy to welcome Jane Porter, who will show us her writer's workplace and give away a copy of each of her three February releases! Take it away, Jane!

Since moving to San Clemente, a sleepy little beach town in Southern California, famous for its surf culture and Spanish Colonial Revival architecture, I now have my very own ‘casita’ for an office.

We remodeled the interior of the casita, built in 1927, for me over the summer, connecting the two rooms by knocking out the closets and making them a hallway, and then creating a darling little pink onyx bathroom in what was an itty bitty W/C.  I’ve taken one of the small bedrooms and made it into a living room that can be turned into a guest room with a sofa sleeper, and then my office is the other bedroom, and its spacious and full of light from three windows and the high beamed ceiling and original hardwood floor.

I had my contractor wrap two of the walls with a counter to give me tons of workspace, and then another wall was lined with shelves for all my research books.

I love art and am crazy about the painting hanging over part of my desk, by the Australian artist, Karlee, a professional surfer, who signs her pieces, KALM.  I have two pieces by her in my casita and her messages are awesome.  The one above my desk reads:  “Love as deep as the ocean and more powerful than the seas.”  It’s moody and passionate and graphic and strong.  I love strong female images, and inspiration, and this painting, paired with my crystal and pipe chandelier makes me feel  beautiful and powerful.

I think our work space is important.   Whether it’s a little corner of a room, or an entire casita like mine, it should reflect us, and make us feel good.  I’ve been published for thirteen years now, and I finally have an office I love.   Here in my little casita by the sea, I can create, daydream, and be me.

To win a copy of one of Jane's February releases, please leave a comment. To learn more about Jane and her books, please visit her website.


  1. Thanks for sharing about your office.


  2. That's a awesome home office. I'm wondering if you have guests if you just enjoy their visit or can you work with them in the guest room?

  3. What a delightful office (and home) you have, Jane! It looks so peaceful and homely, and I love your wall art, too. Your desk space is a great idea - just what you need for spreading out. My DH complains about all the papers strewn all over the floor when I'm "creating" (his word!) Thanks for sharing, Caroline x

  4. EEK! It ate my comment! Let's see if I remember....
    First of all, I LOVE seeing your office, Jane. It seems perfect for you!
    My own work office is now much better for me. I have been cleaning out supplies to make room for half my small office to become my scrapbooking room. It all happened because I bought jugs of Fantastik that came in strong boxes with dividers. I quickly realized that these would be ideal for storing my 12"x12" papers, if I cut off the box tops and turned them on their sides (much cheaper than making my own shelving system or buying one premade). I have five boxes (so 10 "shelves") for my 10 colours of paper! I have lateral cabinets, so one holds the new "shelving system" on top, while I can "scrapbook" on the top of the other. My supplies are now inside the one cabinet, so everything is within reach. The best part is I can leave my work-in-progress sitting out, rather than setting up/closing up every day.
    Don't you love it when a plan comes together?

  5. I love that painting, it has a great boldness to it, and your little palm tree has me so envious as I look out my decidely unsunny window.

  6. Jane, can I please come and live with you...? ;-) It looks gorgeous and sunny and you have SPACE TO WRITE IN! My idea of heaven.

  7. Coming in late here. I'm getting ready to commence to proceed to plan remodeling my studio/craft/storage room in to a studio/writing space. So I'm real interested and appreciative when authors share their spaces.

    My grandparents lived in San Clemente and as children my cousin and I would get to spend two weeks summer vacation with them. Wonderful memories. Crickets, eucalyptus, the 'plunge' and the sea!