Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Secrets to Being Fit and Fab: Why you need to exercise regularly

Michelle Styles gives a bit of background on mitochondria and why they are important in the battle to keep fit.

One of the great paradoxes is that exercise does not help you lose weight in the short term but in the longer term, the people who exercise regularly 6x a week for an hour tend to keep the weight off whereas other people tend to gain the weight back. Why? The short answer is the mitochondria in the muscles help to increase basal metabolism so people with large amounts of lean muscle mass have higher basal metabolism and so natuarally burn more calories.
 The mitochondria in the muscles are the things which call for more energy. They tell insulin that they need more energy and help to pull the stored energy from the fat cells or indeed prevent it from being stored as fat in the first place.
   Lean muscles mass has more of them than flabby or old muscle mass. The mitochondria can become leaky and research has shown that old and leaky mitochondria are less efficient They tend to require less energy than healthy new mitochondria. They seem to be the thing that increases basal metabolism over the long term. There are reasons why elite athletes can consume huge amounts of food and not gain weight. There are reasons why they need proper energy and it has to do with their increased basal metabolism.
Increasing the mitochondria takes time and a lot of effort which is why a healthy diet is needed. You want your insulin to work as efficiently as possible and to shunt the right amount of energy into the muscles.
 You have to get the lean muscle mass up to a point where your basal metabolism increases. And mitochondria start detriorating within 72 hours of stopping exercise. It is why weekend warriors find it harder to keep the pounds off.
If you want to want to look good, you have to be prepared to sweat on a regular basis. It is that simple. Regular exercise for a shorter period of time will give more dividends than working out  only on the weeks for longer periods. Find the time to exercise. There are so many benefits as exercise naturally lowers stress by putting endorphins into your blood stream. Stress and a raised cortisol also lead to weight gain.

Michelle Styles lost 66 lbs in 2011 and has kept her size of a US 4 since November 2011. She also writes. Her latest books An Ideal Husband? is published in April 2013.You can learn more about Michelle on her website

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