Thursday, March 21, 2013

Random Thoughts: The Unexpected

This week has been a little crazy.

Yesterday, my niece who is a teacher and is expecting a baby in a few weeks, was all ready to go to work.  As she dropped her daughter into my sister's house she experienced a contraction. 

Now, this baby was due for delivery in three weeks time by caeserean section.

But let me introduce him.

Meet Lleyton.  Our newest family member who decided schedules weren't for him. 
He arrived a few hours after that initial contraction and not by the route intended!  Patience isn't his strong point - a trait he may share with his Great Auntie!
My eldest son arrived in a similar manner, three weeks earlier than planned.  But what a nice surprise!
So, I'd like you to share any nice surprises you've had.  I want to hear them all!

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