Saturday, March 30, 2013

Pets and Their Authors: Missy Tippens

The Pink Heart Society is happy to welcome Harlequin Love Inspired author Missy Tippens, who will talk about her adorable dog with the soulful eyes! Take it away, Missy!

“Pets and Their Authors.” I love that title. Not “Authors and Their Pets.” Isn’t the name fitting for the owner/pet relationship? Those beloved animals pretty much own us—and our hearts.

This is a photo of my writing pal. A rescue dog I fondly call my polka-dot dog.

Eleven years ago, my kids and I went to a large chain pet store to get a guinea pig. Yes, a guinea pig, because we already had a large dog and two cats. But beware of weekends at pet stores! We made the mistake of walking past the pens of animals that had been brought in by foster parents for adoption. There stood this adorable puppy with the black eye patch looking at me, his tail wagging.

Oh, my goodness. I was a goner. And so were my three kids. (On a side note, don’t take kids to pet stores on adoption day unless you mean to bring an animal home. It’s impossible to tell them no once they’ve fallen in love!)

Obviously, we never made it to the guinea pig section. The kids and I went home with a precious puppy to join our other pets.

Yes, I have a big “S” on my forehead for “Sucker.” But how could I resist those big brown eyes?

These days, my polka-dot dog sits right on top of my feet as I write. Sure, he’s a little neurotic. But wouldn’t you be if your author talked to her characters, was prone to outbursts of growling at the computer and sometimes smacked the keyboard?

Have you ever fallen in love at first sight with a pet?

Polka-dot dog’s author is Missy Tippens, whose latest release from Love Inspired is Georgia Sweethearts. Visit Missy’s website to learn more or to read an excerpt.

A Pattern For Love…
After inheriting her great-aunt's failing yarn shop, Lilly Barnes is determined to make it a success. All she wants is stability, something she doesn't think possible in the small town of Corinthia, Georgia. Then Pastor Daniel Foreman rents space in her store to hold meetings for his growing congregation, and this proves to be her lifeline. At first Lilly wants nothing to do with Daniel's big dreams, but she soon finds herself starting to share his goals. Yet trouble between her customers and his congregation make them both doubt the path they're on. That is, until practical Lilly shows him that love is a risk worth taking. 


  1. Missy, what an adorable polka-dot dog!!!
    I know your family enjoys him.

    Can't wait to get that new book!
    Happy Easter!
    Jackie Smith

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Jackie. Happy Easter to you, too!

  3. OH MY GOODNESS. What's his name? (Looking for heroic names).

    I want to take kitties home when I go to Petsmart. I go home crying I feel so blue, so tend to stay away from Petsmart. That's called Tinasmart.


  5. LOL, Tina! His name is Duke. My son, age 13 at the time, had his sights set on attending Duke University and was a die hard Blue Devil fan. So he named our new puppy.

    And YES, my son did end up going there and becoming a Cameron Crazy! He graduated in May. :)

  6. Thanks, Tina! I'm still bouncing off the walls excited. :)

  7. Missy! Congrats on your "A House Full of Hope" being a RITA finalist! And just think, your sweet little writing partner was there throughout the creation of it! (You'll have to see if you can sneak him into a book cover one of these days.) But what I REALLY want to know is what did your HUBBY say when you and the kids came toting home that polka dot pup?

  8. Congratulations on your Rita nomination, Missy!!!

    Since we got a new puppy today I've learned sometimes you need a dog (or another dog) even though you thought you didn't.

  9. Missy, I don't think you've ever mentioned this dog before. You're not making it up are you? It's simple to download dog pics off the internet and heaven knows you write brilliant fiction.

    But if you want to claim that dog is yours, well, far be it from me.................

  10. Congratulations on your RITA nomination, Missy!!!

    That is one cute polk-dot-Duke-dog! There are NO Petsmart stores within 70 miles of me which is a GOOD thing. I wouldn't be able to resist either. Like Tina, I stay far, far away. I only admire Ruthy's puppies in NY and Mary's kittens in NE. Too far away for me to grab them and run.

    BTW, my dog Dakota was a rescued puppy. My son and his wife inherited the can't-say-no gene and brought her home from the rescue center. She's a good doggie.

  11. What a cutie!!! And Tina reminded me of the time I took the girls to the mall one day while their dad was away on business. When he came home, we had a new kitty I the family. I just couldn't resist the white kitten in the pet store.

    And rescue pets are the best! They just seem to love you all the more for saving their lives.

    Congrats on the RITA final, Missy!

  12. Glynna, we actually called him first just to run the idea by him! He said it was okay with him as long as the kids promised to be totally responsible for him. :)

  13. Cara, thanks! Enjoy your new puppy. You know, it's just like having a baby. I hope you get some rest tonight!

  14. LOL, Mary!! I guess I have talked more about the grand-dog lately. But Duke's been here for the long haul. :)

  15. Pam, thank you! I now know better than to go to the pet store on weekends. I make sure to go during the week!

  16. Myra, thank you on the RITA!

    Yes, the rescue babies are so appreciative. Poor Duke ate like he was starved for several weeks before he realized it was okay to slow down.

  17. LOL! Our rescue doggy did that for years! He was skin and bones when we got him off the streets (literally!), and now he's a husky little Sherman tank. We can't get him to drop a few pounds now matter how hard we work to control his intake or take him for walks.

  18. MISSY!!! LOVE the "polka-dot dog" and LOVE your books!!!