Friday, March 15, 2013


Harlequin KISS Author Heidi Rice introduces us to an explosive new small-town thriller from the creators of True Blood with a super-hot hero and tons of smouldering sexual tension to go with all the high-stakes drama.

Now I'm lucky enough to have a husband who happens to write a successful TV crime thriller blog and as a result we often get early preview DVDs of new series that are about to be aired in the UK… Unfortunately this does mean that a lot of our evening viewing is taken up with  watching grisly murder scenes, cold miserably depressing Nordic landscapes and a heck of a lot of fisticuffs and gunfights. Not always the viewing of choice for a bone fide hopeless romantic!  But every so often we uncover a real gem and Banshee is one of those absolute corkers of a series that had something for me as well as for him: namely lots of smouldering sexual tension and simmering emotional conflict behind the top-notch action and edgy crime drama — and one seriously sexy bad boy anti-hero in lead character Lucas Hood (aka New Zealand hottie Anthony Starr).

The first episode kicks off as a surly, sexy jewel thief  (whose name we never discover) is released from jail and then - after a down and dirty sexual encounter - ends up in a mad-cap chase involving lots of crashing cars and adrenaline pumping danger. Starr -  a New Zealander with a very credible US accent  – is our main man and, boy, what a perfect bad boy hero he is. Tortured and taciturn and scarred by a violent past but with a reckless charm and a tenderness lurking behind that tough exterior that stands him in good stead when he tracks down his former lover and partner in crime Anatasia to a small Pennsylvania town called Banshee - and ends up hiding in plain sight by posing as the local sheriff Lucas Hood.  That's basically the plot in a nutshell (for more details check out my DH's review) but it's just the opening gambit in a wonderfully multilayered tale full of high-octane action, tons of emotional depth and a cast full of rich compelling characters – as well as Hood, we have his ex-partner Anna now 'reborn' as a married career mom called Carrie (Ivana Milicevic),  wry ex-boxing champ-turned-bar owner Sugar Bates (Frankie Faison), Amish crime lord - yep you read that right! - Kai Proctor (Ulrich Thomsen), Ukranian Mr Big Mr Rabbit (Ben Cross), suspicious sheriff's deputy Siobhan Kelly (Triest Kelly Dunn) and transvestite hacker Job (Hoon Lee).

Here's a tantalising glimpse of Starr and Milicevic talking about the show and the characters.

My only disappointment is that we only got to see the first two episodes and it's going to air on Sky Atlantic in the UK (starting in April) and we don't get that channel!!! Argh... But seriously if it's on a cable channel near you don't miss it! Although be warned, it is pretty edgy (a bit like True Blood without the fangs, but still with lots of bite)...

Heidi's next book Too Close for Comfort is out in June in Harlequin Kiss in the US and Mills and Boon Modern in the UK. She loves to talk about her books and her bad boy heroes on Twitter (@HeidiRomRice), on Facebook, on her blog, or thru her website.


  1. The season finale of Banshee airs tonight where I am, and I've really enjoyed this series, love Lucas' relationship with the daughter he (and she) never knew he had. Hopefully you'll get to see the rest of the episodes on DVD or something.

  2. OMG Summer so do I! So jealous you've seen it all.. And yes, love that his daughter is such a badass, A bit like him really.