Monday, March 18, 2013

Male on Monday :: Brothers

If one of something is good, than two must be great, right? Especially when it comes to man candy. The Pink Heart Society editor Jenna Bayley-Burke certainly thinks so.
Last night I was watching the new E! reality show Playing With Fire about restauranteurs in New York City. Derek and Daniel Koch are featured as they prepare to launch their latest venture...some restaurant with sushi and toys. I didn't get the concept, but it got me thinking. Men are more adorable in pairs. Really. Even when an identical twin claims to be more handsome than his brother.

Think about it, whenever a girlfriend meets a handsome guy, we ask "Does he have a brother?" Case in point? The Hemsworths. That is some seriously gifted DNA. The idea for many a romance novel has been sparked by these two. And to their parents, we say thank you.

I think the draw has something to do with knowing they value family. Having that brotherly relationship means they know about give and take, loyalty and respect, and how to pick their battles.

Who are your favorite celebrity brothers? The Afflecks? The Mannings? The Wahlbergs?

Jenna Bayley-Burke's latest, Caribbean Casanova (Under the Caribbean Sun) jets you to the Caribbean for a scorching hot holiday inspired by drooling over pictures of Joe Manganiello -- does he have a brother? Keep up with Jenna on Twitter, Goodreads, Facebook & her blog.


  1. from MarcieR

    I like the Wahlberg's. They're tough, they're sexy (Mark more than Donnie), and I wouldn't mind have them having my back if trouble came calling!

  2. Back in the day (when I started writing in the mid-80s!) I would have said Sinjin and Andrew Smith!