Monday, March 11, 2013

Male On Moday: Jason O'Mara

PHS Editor Michelle Styles investigates the twinkly smile and  piercing blue eyes of  Jason O'Mara

One of my last obsessions is Vegas  which is currently premiering on Sky Atlantic and I could not help but notice the twinkly blue eyes and dimples of Jason O Mara who plays the deputy and younger brother of the main lead, Dennis Quaid. O'Mara also played the lead in the US adaptation of Life On Mars as well as Terra Nova and In Justice. He is also involved in the mini series To Appomattox which looks at the lives of Civil War generals. He plays George B Macellan in that.
In Vegas O'Mara plays a cowboy turned part time detective who ends up getting involved with a woman whose father is a Mafia boss. So  I suspect there will be a lot of character development.  He is very watchable.
Anyway, I thought he was worth investigating further.
To my surprise, O'Mara is Irish. Okay, his name should have been a giveaway but there are a lot of people of Irish descent in the US and he does have a pretty convincing American accent. He was born in 1972 and raised in south Dublin and turned to acting after an injury put paid to dreams of being a professional rugby player. He graduated from Trinity College Dublin and has done acting with the Royal Shakespeare Company. In 2001, he married an American actress, Paige Turco and they have a son.
This short clip give you an  idea of Jason O'Mara in his role in Vegas.
And this is him talking about To Appomattox, using I believe his normal accent which is somewhere over the mid-Atlantic. You can tell he has lived in the States for awhile but there remains a lovely Irish lilt.

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  1. Hmmm. very cute. I think he has quite a strong Irish accent... And I love it!

  2. yes when you hear his actual voice, it does have the Irish lilt. he didn't have it in Life on Mars and doesn't have it Vegas. You would probably enjoy Vegas Heidi. The clothes are good.