Monday, February 25, 2013

Male on Monday: Tawny Weber

The Pink Heart Society is delighted to welcome Harlequin Blaze author Tawny Weber, who will discuss A Hero For Every Type. 

I love romances for so many reasons, but the most obvious is the hero.  Nothing brings a book together for me more than the hero does.  He’s that fantasy guy that we female readers get to imagine ourselves romancing as we step into the heroine’s shoes.  The one we get to live out adventures, romances, excitement with, right?  Am I the only one who judges my romances in their heroes? 
Personally I’ve got a soft spot for Bad Boys.  I think it’s a sneaking suspicion that those sexy, motorcycle riding, rough and ready heroes just know all kinds of naughty little tricks that the cutie-patootie Boy Next Door probably doesn’t.  I have friends who swoon over the Alpha hero, and others who swear by the Beta guy.  Some readers always buy certain authors books because they specialize in a specific kind of hero. 
Because heroes are so integral into my writing and I’m fascinated by the appeal that different guys hold, even if I don’t always get it.  I run a Hunk of the Month poll on my blog each month and its fun to see which hottie is preferred.  I haven’t run fictional book heroes.  Instead, every month one of my Red Hot Readers chooses the theme and the heroes (vampires, FBI hotties, mustached cuties, etc).  We spend the month ogling hunks like Johnny Depp, George Clooney or in one case, Gerard Butler against himself in different time periods.    I’m always surprised when my clear favorite doesn’t win.  It’s like... huh?  You all don’t LOVE him?  (Seriously, some people don’t get all hot and bothered over Johnny Depp?  I mean, really?)

In my most recent pair of Blaze releases, A SEAL’s Seduction (2/13) and A SEAL’s Surrender, the heroes are Navy SEAL’s (kinda built into the title there, aren’t they *g )  They both have an alpha intensity going on and are definitely take control kind of guys who make me think “oh yeah, he’d know a few naughty tricks.”  (And boy do they!!!) That’s my favorite kind of hero, that sexy, intense, kind with a wicked sense of humor. 

Thankfully there plenty of hero types to appeal to all of us, but it makes me curious.  Do you have a favorite hero type?  One kind of guy who if you see him on the cover makes your fingers itch to grab the book?  How about an all time least favorite?  You know, that instant turn-off hero that you won’t ever read?  
Tawny Weber has been writing sassy, sexy romances since her first Harlequin Blaze hit the shelves in 2007.  A fan of Johnny Depp, cupcakes and color coordination, she spends a lot of her time shopping for cute shoes, scrapbooking and hanging out on Facebook. 
Readers can check out Tawny’s books at her website or join her Red Hot Readers Club for goodies like free reads, complete first chapter excerpts, recipes, insider story info and much more.  And for a limited time, she has a few open spots on her Street Team!  


  1. Hi, Tawny--I'm always a sucker for a military hero. I loved A Seal's Seduction and can't wait to read Surrender.

  2. Thanks, Nancy :-D I'm so excited that you enjoyed A SEAL's Seduction and really hope you like A SEAL's Surrender as well.