Monday, February 04, 2013

Male on Monday: David Gandy

It's my joy and pleasure to be doing a Male on Monday post and today I want to pay tribute to my latest hero.

Gabriel Russo is a gorgeous brooding Italian doctor.  He's had to give up his dream US job, come back to Italy because his father is unwell and take the first job he can find - on a cruise liner.  For some that might create problems - but not for Gabriel.  It means he's close enough to get home to his father whenever he is required, but far enough away from the family to avoid getting dragged into the family business.

What he didn't bank on was meeting Francesca Cruz.  She's the nurse on board the ship.  She was looking for somewhere to retreat away from her previous life and the only way to escape Gabriel is overboard!

So who did I model my gorgeous, tall, dark and handsome Italian doctor on?

I give you.......
the smouldering David Gandy.  Perfect for my Gabriel Russo.
Now, I don't care that he's a british model.  If he was good enough for Italian designers Dolce and Gabbana, then he's good enough for me.  Particularly when he doesn't have much on......
Does he do it for you?????


  1. Ahhh...the gorgeous Mr. Gandy! A very successful (and sexy) model--as you've shown here--David is also a witty writer for Vogue blogs and has incredible personal style. Your readers might want to follow his official page for the latest photos, links to his blogs and updates:

  2. Thank you David Gandy Assistant - you lucky, lucky person. Yes, I had that smouldering picture on my wall the whole time I was writing my book. Sigh. Work life can be so hard. X

  3. Kaelee - you summed it up perfectly. Oh yeah!

  4. It's wonderful to see that Mr. Gandy has been author's muse, just wish he would get a movie offer!!! I can't wait to your book & thank you for using the most handsome man.