Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Industry Insider: KISS editors dish the inside info on Harlequin's latest series -- KISS

Harlequin editors Flo Nichol and Kathryn Cheshire share inside info about Harlequin's latest series KISS...

What sort of read can readers expect when they pick up a KISS novel? In other words, what sort of promise does KISS give to the reader?

KISS novels are pure entertainment! They’re contemporary, glossy and chic, and promise readers a hit of romantic excitement with a thoroughly modern twist! Smart and stylish, sweet or sexy, they offer fun, flirty reads featuring smart, sassy heroines, equally matched by 21st century alpha heroes!

Who would you cast to play a KISS hero and why?

Ryan Gosling in 'Crazy Stupid Love' is a great example of a typical KISS hero, or Ryan Reynolds in 'The Proposal'. They’re alpha, gorgeous and assertive, but they’ve got a fun, flirty side to them as well.

Who would you cast to play a KISS heroine and why?

Kate Hudson in ‘How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days’ could play a KISS heroine well, or Mila Kunis in ‘Friends With Benefits’. The KISS heroine should essentially be someone you're drawn to, someone you identify with and someone you would like to be friends with in real life!

If KISS was a woman, what sort of cocktail would she choose? What sort of cupcake?

She would definitely choose a flirtini – vodka, champagne and pineapple juice - a bit of naughtiness, a bit of glamour and a bit of sweetness! And as for cupcakes, definitely a triple chocolate cupcake – there’s no point in doing anything by halves!

Where would she go on holiday?

She’d buy a one-way ticket round the world, stopping off wherever she wanted! This heroine wants to experience as much of life as possible, and make the most of what the world has to offer. (Although anywhere renowned for its good-looking men would be a bonus…!)

What makes the KISS series unique?

It’s a collection of really original, sharply contemporary author voices, that all offer a fun, flirty and emotional read. Each author has a very unique take on romance and relationships, but they’re united by their KISS attitude – to live life to the full!

What is the KISS sensuality level?

The KISS sensuality level varies - each month we have two sexier books and two sweeter books. But whether the bedroom door is kept shut, or flung wide open,  there’s always heaps of sizzling sensual tension!

One hears rumours of some really exciting upcoming KISS novels, can you give a sneak peak about what is coming up?

We’ve definitely got some exciting ideas in the pipeline! Our launch month alone features stories set in London, Chicago and Melbourne so you can see we really want you to travel the world with us! In the months after that we’ve got road trip stories, online dating stories, working together stories, stories set in the world of fashion, a Sliding-Doors esque story – you name it, we’ve got it! But if you really can’t wait, make sure you check out Mira Lyn Kelly’s free ebook, ‘Waking Up Married’: it’s funny, emotional and sexy and you can download it now here:!

Is there a continuity in the works? And if so, can you share a little about that?

Yes, we’re very excited for our Wedding Season quartet running from July to October, with a prequel included in all June KISS books offering a tantalising taster! Written by Aimee Carson, Amy Andrews, Heidi Rice and Kimberly Lang, this  continuity is about four friends whose friendship is torn apart by a secret when they’re in college. Ten years later, they’re reunited by a wedding and scandal, sizzle and love ensues… Think the ‘Sex and the City’ girls updated to the 21st century!

Can you give some idea of the authors who are writing for KISS? 

There are so many brilliant authors to introduce you to! If you like your reads hot-and-steamy, check out upcoming titles by Natalie Anderson, Lucy King and Nicola Marsh. If you’re more of a flirty-and-sweet reader, look out for Liz Fielding, Fiona Harper and Nina Harrington. Either way, don’t miss our fab launch  month, starring Kelly Hunter, Kimberly Lang, Nikki Logan and Jessica Hart!

What are you looking for in a KISS author’s voice?

In a word, uniqueness! We're looking for authors who write contemporary reads, firmly rooted in the reality of finding love in the 21st century, with a voice that feels totally different and fresh! To really stand out from the crowd, the voice also needs to captures that incredible chemistry and tension between a newly sparking couple.

The series might being called KISS in the US and Canada, but what series should interested UK readers be looking for?

We’re hoping to have KISS in the UK progamme soon – we’ll be looking at how it launches in the US, and we’ll keep you posted! At the moment, one KISS book per month goes out in our Modern series so watch out for Ally Blake’s THE SECRET WEDDING DRESS (available now), Kimberly Lang’s THE DOWNFALL OF A GOOD GIRL (available February 13) and THE TAMING OF A WILD CHILD (available March 13).

Finally how many books are being released per month?

There are four books available each month, and each one is unique, fun and compelling - we hope you love them all as much as we do!


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