Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Deadline Recipes: Citrus Shrimp Stir Fry

Harlequin Intrigue author ANGI MORGAN shares her fast, delicious and yet healthy stir fry recipe. Minutes to cook, but lots of memorable taste.

Thanks for the invite PHS to share with readers. I have to admit that I'd rather be sharing my original chocolate chip cookie recipe, but then I'd have to make a batch for pictures and they are far from "deadline" material.  

My husband and I have gotten healthy over the past two years. And basically, that means to eat most of our meals without a lot of calories and sugar--and at home. We eat at least three cups of fresh vegetables a day. The idea of stopping to clean vegetables just isn't appealing no matter what are schedules. Whether on a deadline or just busy with life, one of the main reasons I've found that my friends don't eat correctly is time. My fix? If I'm taking a break to grocery shop, then before I put the veggies away, I wash and prep--getting them ready to eat. It's the same principle of preparing casseroles or crock pot meals for the week on Sunday. 

Having the same vegetables on hand, I like to vary the delivery (other than a salad) occasionally--grilling, roasting but especially stir fry. I typically use chicken or shrimp as the protein. Since we're talking about deadlines, shrimp is the fastest. (Remember: stir frying veggies just as a side-dish is easy and much healthier than opening a can.) So let's get started.


cooking time about eight to ten minutes
  • non-stick skillet or stir-fry pan with appropriate utensil
  • cooked, frozen shrimp --the number depends on the people you're feeding (if this is your only protein for the day, you can eat around 19 medium-sized shrimp--that's a LOT of shrimp)
  • spices: pepper, lemon peel, orange peel, lime peel (I love to grate fresh--always better--but dried works very well), basil
  • ground ginger (don't be liberous with this spice, it tends to add a "bite" and overshadow the other flavors)
  • Newman's Own Lite Lime vinaigrette dressing
  • 1 small can sliced water chestnuts, drained
  • 3 cups bite-size of your favorite fresh veggies
On a break about an hour before I want to eat, I defrost the shrimp in a bowl of water and walk away. (Remember, I'm on deadline, so no fresh shrimp for me this time.) Not home an hour early? Set your shrimp to defrost in the fridge that morning.  

Some of the typical vegetables I always have on hand are baby sweet bell peppers, broccoli slaw, celery, onion, baby portobello mushrooms, asparagus, green beans, sugar snap peas.

While your pan is heating to medium, drain and pat dry your shrimp. Now for extra flavor, cooks will tell you to leave the tails on. My personal preference is to remove the tails, just for the convenience of eating (or buy the shrimp without tails, making it even faster). 

Add 2 to 3 tablespoons of the vinaigrette to the pan along with the veggies, water chestnuts  and spices. Spice to taste. We happen to like lots of flavor, so I normally cover the veggies. 

Stir regularly. You can add more vinaigrette if the veggies seem to be sticking. When the veggies are warmed through and begin softening (onion or celery become opaque), add the shrimp. Since the shrimp is already cooked and pink, all you want to do is heat it. Leaving it for more than a couple of minutes will make the shrimp tough.

This is a good time to taste a shrimp, if it's warmed throughout and has enough flavor, you're ready to serve.

I'll be back someday to share that cookie recipe!

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Levi had vowed years ago to always keep the innocent beauty safe. So when Jo insisted on finally getting some answers, Levi had no choice but to help her. But watching as the pain of the past threatened to crush a spirited Jo, Levi ignored every professional instinct and pulled her into his arms. After one night together, Levi was more determined than ever to close this case. Because that one night would never be enough.

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  1. The food looks good. Sadly I won't be able to try it. (Veggie....) Cool plates!

    1. Hello Jo's Daughter,
      Completely understand, but you can switch out the shrimp with anything vegetarian or leave it out completely. I'm encouraging folks to eat their veggies!! The plates are from Pampered Chef. I love them, especially for sandwiches.

  2. Hi Angie ~ I love stir fries. My husband makes a great one with snow peas, red pepper, carrots and balsamic vinegar.

    1. I Kaelee. I've used balsamic, or orange juice, or plain olive oil. Lots of different choices to switch up the flavors. Eating the same veggies every day, I love my seasonings. Can't have carrots right now--too high in natural sugar for fat-burn.


  3. Angi, this looks scruptious, and I will try it. Thanks a bunch. Love the blurb and cover of Dangerous Memories!

    1. Thanks Donnell !
      Like I said, you can substitute flavors and proteins. Real easy to mix to your own style.

  4. Hi Angi,

    The citrus shrimp stir fry looks wonderful! Love the blurb for Dangerous Memories.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Jill! Sure hope you have time to try it and tell me what you think!

  5. Thanks for the recipe and the pictures. I'll be trying this soon.