Saturday, December 01, 2012

Writer’s Workplace with Shirley Jump

Today Shirley Jump invites us to take a look at her Writer's Workplace.

When I sold my first book, I dreamed of a writer’s space that would rival the best offices. One tucked away from the rest of the house, with a huge desk, tons of storage, a door that could shut and lock, and a big comfy chair to curl up in while I wrote. I finally found that office in the house we live in currently, but have found I still spend my time in the main house, because frankly, I like being plugged in. I like seeing the kids walk by or having a quick conversation with them about their day. I like being close to the “action” though a little set apart by sitting in my favorite chair by the windows.

Outside those windows is a set of birdfeeders, which provide a constant flutter of activity for me to watch (and for the dogs and cats to watch, too). The kitchen is steps away, so a hot cup of tea is almost always at hand. The laundry is just down the hall—both a bonus and a curse. The TV is almost always on, not because I’m watching it, but because I found after the kids started going to school full-time that I missed the noisy environment I’d had when they were home.
So my writer’s workspace is actually an oversized chair in the great room, with a little cubby nearby filled with the current info I need for paying bills or doing research or whatever. It’s right in the center of the house, and a room away from the real office, which mostly gathers dust and holds my files. I love this cozy little space even if sometimes I complain about interruptions and noise (I know, I know, never happy, LOL).

You know why? Because I love being around my family. I feel very blessed that I make enough money to stay home and do a job that I love and still be able to go to the soccer games and parent-teacher meetings and to put dinner on the table at the end of the day. I am plugged in, in so many ways, and that to me, is a wonderful gift that I treasure.

So my writer’s space is just that—a space—but one that gives me time with my family, which is the greatest treasure of all. It’s not just a space, it’s a home, and that spirit, I hope, is wrapped up in every book I write. 


  1. Your chair looks so comfy! Can I have chair envy? Ummmm I need to get out more - LOL! Caroline x

  2. Thanks for the glimpse into your writing place. Just want to add how much I've enjoyed your last four books. The McKenna Brothers trilogy and the last book in the Holiday Miracles trilogy. I loved Grace's story.