Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tales of An Unpublished Writer: Flipping Over the Ordinary World

Welcome back to Abbi’s Bizarro Guide to Writing.

Last month I talked about characterization and a different way of looking at it. This month I’d like to take you through the ‘ordinary world.’

Most every story needs an ordinary world to give each reader some perspective.  The hero or heroine enters their day like any other and with a goal in mind.

Jackson Schmidt typed in the last words of the legal brief and swung around in his chair. Most would think it was in happiness but for Jackson, it was his own personal way of finishing work.

“Step away from the computer” was his personal motto. And now he was on to the next item on his agenda. He glanced at the empty blotter on his desk. No more work. 

Time to go see if the new secretary down the hall has any plans for the evening. 

But . . . what if . . .

A story started with the hero in his not-so-ordinary world. Or at least an ordinary world with a little chaos?

Jackson Schmidt struggled to type in what should be the last words of the legal brief he had to have done today. Screams and wails from across the hall  distracted his flow and he slewed gibberish onto his computer. When did he think it was a good idea to rent part of his office space out to a day care facility?

“Step away from the computer” was his motto for completed work. When he finished it.

With a feeling of certain futility, Jackson slammed his head against the keyboard . . .

Okay, these were just examples and they could potentially be from two different stories but the point is: An ordinary world doesn’t have to be so ordinary. Spice it up. Or should I say bizarre it up? J

Tally Time! 

One full subbed and one novella subbed. Starting new novella and finishing up one full.


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