Monday, December 03, 2012

Male on Monday :: Karl Urban

Today Ally Blake is here to introduce us to the wonders and ways of one Karl Urban, images of whom went a long way to helping her write her current Harlequin Presents Extra, THE RULES OF ENGAGEMENT.  Take it away Ally!

Anyone else here seen the movie RED?  The big action blockbuster starring Bruce Willlis.   Well I did and in watching it I found my man. The near perfect casting for the book I was about to write.

I'd seen Karl Urban in a few things before - he played Eomer in the last two LORD OF THE RINGS movies, was in THE BOURNE SUPREMECY and is the latest incarnation of Bones in the redone STAR TREK movie.  But had never penned him for an Ally Blake romantic hero...until Red.

Funnily enough in that movie he's the bad guy.  Slick, smart, unstoppable. But goooorgeous.  Every time he comes on the screen he's utterly riveting.  All dark hair, dark eyes, fierce intent.  With a smile that has to be earned.  You with me now?

In these pics you can see the guy knows how to wear suit.  He knows how to pull off enigmatic.  And does stubble like nobody's business.  Needless to say I was sold.

And when it came to "casting" my Dax Bainbridge from THE RULES OF ENGAGEMENT it was one of the easiest choices I've ever made.  The book wrote like a dream.  So much so I dedicatd it to fairy dust.  Maybe I should have dedicated it to Karl ;).

A bit about the man himself:
  • He's 6'1".  (Nice.)
  • Turned 40 last June.   (Happy birthday!)
  • Has been married for eight years and has two kids.  (Built in Happily Ever After)
  • Karl is an an ambassador for charity KidsCan, which provides disadvantaged children with shoes, food and coats. (Heart of gold)
  • He learnt how to ride one handed for The Lord of the Rings.  (Hidden muscles)
  • Born and lives in New Zealand. (Okay, so I can forgive him for being born one country too far to the right ;))
Now here's what my heroine Caitlyn thinks when she first meets Dax:

Gorgeous didn’t even begin to cut it.  It was the kind of face she’d have immediately looked away from if caught staring for fear of public drooling.
And then he smiled.
It wasn’t a grin by any stretch of the imagination.  But the serious cheek creased in the kind of way that set a girl’s heart to racing, and the dark eyes gleamed, but it was plenty enough to make Caitlyn feel like she’d just been clubbed over the back of the head.

So, good choice?  Yeah, I think so too ;).
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  1. And don't forget Karl was in Judge Dredd. I watch LoTR just to see Karl's parts. They should have made it bigger.

  2. Karl IS the quintessential Hawt Stuff!!!! He MAKES a suit... makes torn jeans and tees. He can do whatever he wants to me.

  3. Seems I'm not alone in the love of Karl!