Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Learning Curve of the New Author: An Introduction to Scottish Words

My latest release has 4 different covers. UK covers for paperback and kindle and US covers for paperback and kindle.  So I'll show you them all!
I have a Christmas book out this month and as it is a medical set in Glasgow I decided to use the opportunity to introduce the world to some Scottish words.  And for the simple reason that you are here I thought I might introduce you to some too.
Can you guess what they mean??
  1. Mauchit
  2. Drookit
  3. Stramash
  4. Fankle
  5. Scunner
  6. Crabbit
  7. Blether
  8. Skiver
  9. Fouter
  10. Wheesht
  11. Drouth

I could give you many more but thought that would be enough!

And the answers.......

  1. Very dirty ( the way your kids look coming off a football pitch)
  2. Very wet ( they way you look when you're caught in torrential rain with no umbrella!)
  3. An uproar, very rowdy behaviour (usually at a party that's been gate-crashed)
  4. Get caught up in something (often used as Dinnae get yersel’ in a fankle)
  5. A nuisance (most often used by Scottish Granny's who called you a "wee scunner")
  6. Bad-tempered. 
  7. Someone who talks too much is known as a blether
  8. An exceptionally lazy person who is doing their best to avoid work
  9. A fiddly job
  10. To tell someone to be quiet
  11. Drouth.  What happens to your mouth the morning after you've been drinking all night.  A drouth in Scotland is typically cured by Scotland's national drink Irn Bru.  Bright orange, ladelled with sugar and an instant hangover cure!

So, do you have any words you'd like to introduce me to?  And which cover do you like the best?????

An unforgettable Christmas!

Nurse Cassidy Rae is a stickler for rules, but even she revels in the magic of Christmas! Unlike new Registrar Brad Donovan, who hates Christmas. With his surfer-boy looks and cocky charm, he's severely testing Cassidy's goodwill to all men. But in the festive season miracles can happen—and Brad’s about to give Cassidy a Yuletide to remember…


  1. I can't think of unusual words... But I love the covers, the second one where the couple shares a kiss, I like best. Very nice picture and I adore christmas stories. They are my favorite kind of books :D

    Scarlet, in september I won your giveaway a copy of a Bond Between Strangers. I emailed you a couple times with my addy but didn't get a reply. Also the book never made it... So I'm thinking that maybe the contact form doesn't work.

  2. I like the covers.
    Way aye Pet, Northumberland/Geordie shares a lot of the same words with Scottish.
    I was v surprised yesterday to discover that people don't use stotting that much. As in the rain was absolutely stotoing or being stotting mad or simply stotting -- ie bouncing up and down with rage.

  3. Hi Jo, just sent you an email - I think! Not quite sure what's gone wrong but will sort it out!

  4. Michelle, does it sound the same as stoating? That one gets used to describe someone who is drunk or rain stoating off the ground!

  5. Hoots mon -they were unusual! Good luck with your latest release Scarlet. Caroline x p.s I like the second cover - more romantic I think.

  6. I love the first cover the best, the third cover next best - they look like real people (as opposed to models) (no disrespect intended to models or to all the models on the covers!) and the kiss is lovely but I prefer the more 'everyday' moment depicted on the first. I also love the twinkling Christmas Tree in the background of the first. All that said - FOUR covers - SO EXCITING!! Congratulations! :) Louise

  7. Thanks very much Caroline. So, you like the HOT cover. Hmmm.....

  8. Hi Louise I think I like the first cover best too. Probably because it depicts a bit of a christmas theme unlike the others. Always wanted a Christmas cover!