Friday, November 09, 2012

Fill The Well Friday :: Sleep!

Are your daydreams taken over by thoughts of actual sleep? Does the idea of a nap sound like a slice of heaven? The Pink Heart Society editor Jenna Bayely-Burke has become slightly sleep obsessed.

It started with a baby who didn't sleep through the night until he was nearly four. Add to that two more kiddos and a writing career I had to work around their schedules and... sleep? Who needed that?

I gave workshops on finding pockets of time to write. In fact I sat through two workshops at a conference a couple weeks back that gave the same advice I used to. Make time to write by going to sleep later or waking up an hour early.

It's fine in the short term, but a decade of sleep deprivation has left me quite sleep obsessed. In fact, my body has taken over sleep regulation and will currently shut down in the afternoon if I so much as sit down. It's nutburgers, so last night I decided to indulge in a night of perfect sleep.

I told my husband I would not be getting out of bed for children or dogs. It was me and the pillow. He rolled his eyes and nodded (and probably cursed me at the 2 am nightmare and 5 am puppy potty whine).

I had a cup of Sleepytime tea, a lovely blend of vanilla and chamomile. I don't think it actually makes me sleep, I just like the ritual, kind of a celebration. Mama's gonna sleep tonight!

I wore socks. My husband keeps the house an ungodly degree of cold at night. I bury the rest of us under blankets, but to be sure I wouldn't be disturbed by a chill I wore wool socks. Toasty.

I turned off the lights. Not just the glaring overhead boob light I really need to upgrade. But I even covered the alarm clock and closed the blinds.

I went to bed as soon as the kids were corralled. 9 pm. Who does that! Apparently, me in a sleep deprived state.

I counted my blessings. It's the easiest way to ensure good dreams. I wasn't letting my subconscious run free and scare me with some bizarre dream. No, it was beaches and libraries and flowery meadows for this girl.

I enjoyed it. Sleep is blissful and restorative. A total fill the well moment. I do feel better, but it always leaves me wanting more...

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