Saturday, October 13, 2012

Writer's Workspace: Soraya Lane and giveaway

PHS visits with Harlequin Romance author Soraya Lane.
Soraya is having problems with her camera, but luckily writers paint with words...


Before I had my son, I was a real creature of habit. I wrote a set number of words each and every day, I sat in the same chair, wrote at the same time… my, how things have changed! Now I write like a maniac whenever he’s taking a nap, and I snatch moments here and there to write notes or boost my daily word count. In a nutshell, my routine has gone out the window!


But I am fortunate that I have two fantastic workspaces that I alternate between. The one where I should spend the most time (especially after spending a small fortune doing wall-to-wall bookshelves) is my office. It’s probably where I spend more time over the summer months, because it’s quite cool even when it’s hot outside, and I can look at our front field where our horses graze. I love staring at them, or the tree that’s straight ahead, especially when I’m stuck on a sentence.


The other place I seem to spend more and more time working from is our dining table. Over winter (which we are just emerging from in New Zealand) it’s a lovely warm, sunny spot, and I can sit and stare out at our garden. We live on a small farm (or ranch to you Americans!) and we have quite a large garden with lots of trees. It really is a magical setting for a creative person, and I love how tranquil and relaxed our property is.


This summer, I expect to find myself writing more outside, in a chair under the shade of a tree. Our little boy, 20-month old Mac, is very busy and loves playing outside, so I’ll no doubt be keeping one eye on him and the other on my laptop screen.



Soraya's latest release, The Navy SEAL’s Promise, is a novella about a sexy Navy SEAL and a strong yet feminine soldier, and I’d love to give away a kindle ebook copy. Just leave a comment to be in the draw to win!  You must be able to receive a gift from in order to be eligible (this includes the US, Canada, Australia, India & New Zealand, please check for other countries), and it would be appreciated if the winner could post an honest review on either Amazon or Goodreads. 
You can learn more about Soraya's books on her website.  Soraya is also featured in the Mills and Boon Introduces Anthology . 



  1. Soraya,

    I love those bookshelves! Colour me green. As for writing at the kitchen table in winter - that sounds terrific and I can understand the need for warmth and comfort. Several years ago I moved from our cold in winter spare room to a sunny corner of the family room (adjoining the kitchen) and it's been marvellous.

    Good luck with your novella. It sounds intriguing.

    1. Hi Annie. You win! Please send me an email so I can gift you a copy via Amazon.