Thursday, October 04, 2012

The Holiday Miracles Trilogy!

Today Fiona Harper tells us all about the upcoming Holiday Miracles trilogy from Harlequin Romance and why being part of it has been so special!

Donna, Shirley & Me
More than three years ago, at the RWA conference in Washington DC, three friends hatched an idea to write a series of books together. I'm very glad to say I was one of those authors and that Donna Alward (Queen of the Cowboys) and Shirley Jump (Queen of Shoes!) were the two friends I was plotting with.

It's taken a long time to come up with an over-arching idea for our Christmas series, to flesh out ideas for the individual books, pitch it to the editors at Harlequin/M&B then see it scheduled. The only thing left after that was to write the books!

They're being released in consecutive months (Oct-Dec) in North America, but in one volume in the UK.

UK edition
One letter could change your life...

Sisters Faith, Hope and Grace McKinnon have all left their cosy Conneticut hometown of Beckett's Run far behind, but their beloved Gram is tired of having her fractured family spread out all over the globe - she wants her girls home for Christmas, and she wants them to sort out the problems that have divided them for so long. Knowing the three sisters will avoid home at any cost, Gram decided to get sneaky... She sends each of them a letter, with a plane ticket and a request they won't be able to refuse. She hopes the little quest she's about to send each of them on will help them see not only their family in a different light, but will open up the door to love and show them  the real magic of Christmas.

Snowbound in the Earl's Castle - behind the story...
The Earl's castle!
I wrote the middle sister, Faith's, book. I decided that Gram might have had a romance with an earl when she was a young girl, and had always held a soft spot for the sensitive young man who had to go home and fulfill his duty. But I needed a reason for my hermit-like American heroine to turn up on the doorstep of his castle, and when we were brainstorming, Shirley suggested making her an expert of some kind, someone who'd come to the castle to help with art or antiques.

I've always been fascinated with stained-glass windows, just how magical and colourful they look when the light hits them from behind, and I decided to make Faith an expert in restoring those kinds of windows. But I also decided to give the window she comes to work on a little twist...

A couple of years ago I visited Christ Church in Oxford and was enthralled to see stained-glass windows designed by my favourite Pre-Raphealite artist Edward Burne-Jones. I decided the castle window should be something as unusual and beautiful, but I also had an idea that maybe the window was the key to a long-buied family secret - one that would turn everything Gram's old flame, and his over-protective heir, Marcus, had ever believed about their family in it's head.

Faith and Marcus team up to find the truth behind the mysterious window that's been boarded up in a tiny chapel on the estate for years. In the process they discover a trail of clues leading them not only to truth, but to open their hearts up to both faith and love.

Book 1: Faith's story:
~ Fiona Harper ~

North America: October 2012
Amazon, eHarlequin, B&N
UK: Nov 2012
Amazon, M&B, WH Smiths


Book 2: Hope's story:
~ Donna Alward ~

North America: November 2012
Amazon, eHarlequin, B&N
UK: Nov 2012
Amazon, M&B, WH Smiths

Book 3: Grace's story: 
 ~  Shirley Jump ~

North America: December 2012
UK: Nov 2012
Amazon, M&B, WH Smiths


  1. How awesome that you 3 came up with the idea to pitch to Harlequin. I assumed they asked you.

    This looks like a great trilogy to get me in the mood for the holidays. I'll give them a try.


  2. Shirley had done something similar before, Marcy, with some other authors, so it wasn't a complete shot in the dark, but it was a bit nerve-wracking wondering if they'd like the idea and the combination of us three writing together.

    Hope you enjoy the books!

  3. I meant to post this the first time around, but I have a friend who is raising her sister's kids. Their names?
    Grace, Hope, and Faith!


  4. This series sounds really good. I put the books on my list. Thanks for the info!

  5. Wow, Marcie! What a coincidence! (Although, my heroine, Faith, jokes that she and Hope used to tease their sister that Mom had to be talked out of calling her Chastity!)

    Hope you enjoy the series, Sharlene! We certainly enjoyed writing it!

    Fiona x