Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tales of an Unpublished Writer: When Crazy Becomes a Part of You Embrace It

I’m taking a short break this month from my Bizarro Guide toWriting to talk about SYTYCW.

Last month, I asked if anyone was entering. I thought about it. Heck, I more than thought about it. I had a chapter (or two) on the way to being ready to participate. I tweeted with writing friends about it.

And, then I froze. The crazies hit. 

I’ve been entering Harlequin contests since 2007, e.g. probably providing the editors with loads of laughs. But, with each contest, I learned something. I also gained plenty: writing friends, a sense of confidence.

This year, I asked myself: What would I gain? I had requests on my plate, submissions in the works. What more did I need?

The crazies take over when I look at something and realize, it’s time to take a step back. But, this year, taking a step back didn’t mean feeling as if I was losing out. I was sitting back and enjoying helping others.

I know, crazy huh? Not really because one of the parts of being an author to me is being part of a community and helping others along the way.

I’ve voted everyday for SYTYCW and I’ve voted for people I consider writing friends.

Writing is important. Being published is important. But getting there and doing it in a way that makes me happy with myself, that’s what counts the most.

If you haven’t already, get out and vote. There's only two days left. 

Abbi J

Next Month: More on the Bizarro Guide to Writing. A Look at the Hero in Story. 

Abbi Wilder is in the writing/editing mode now that kids are in school. She can be found on Twitter (@abbi_wilder) or blogging . . . somewhere. 

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  1. Abbi, thanks for a great post. Although I haven't entered SYTYCW this year, I too have really enjoyed reading the entries, supporting friends and voting each day. And I love that the writing community is so supportive. I'm looking forward to seeing who gets to the next stage.