Friday, October 26, 2012

On Write Support: Monthly Checkup With Donna Alward

This month columnist Donna Alward recounts the life of a published author –  especially the roller coaster ride knowing as balance…

October has been a strange month. On the home front there have been changes, some good, some worrisome and that, of course, are out of my control. Extra curricular activities are in full swing – music and sports both. Most of my afternoons are cut short for one reason or another (chauffeur duties) and I’m also running to appointments – orthodontist, chiropractor, etc. 

Real life is crazy enough that it can be a real distraction from work if the conditions are right.

I did manage to finish up my next Romance, as well as the revisions from my new editor, though now I’m waiting for the verdict. I’m waiting for news on my other unrelated story and while having a timeline is somewhat reassuring it is also nerve-wracking as the end date draws nearer….tick tock, surely I’ll hear something soon, tick, tick, tick…. Then there’s the novella I’ve been working on that’s taking longer than it should, and in my infinite wisdom I set up a big blog tour for November when I have two releases out.

The two major buzz words here are distracted and stressed. Sometimes not knowing is way worse than the verdict.

The one bright spot in particular that has been a bit of a time suck but a brain saver has been music. I’ve been playing piano more lately, and listening to songs that speak to me and it’s helped keep the creative well topped up.  Sometimes I search for karaoke versions on youtube and warm up my voice and mind and even body by belting out some tunes. I also found a “theme song” for my novella – an oldie but goodie in a different acoustic version – have a listen.


All in all I’m still in good shape – keeping up with deadlines and what needs to be done, but there’s a little spark that’s gone missing. The good news is I know it’ll be back, because these days/weeks happen every now and again I think as a way of challenging me and keeping me aware that this job isn’t supposed to be easy all the time. But it is rewarding, and it IS the only thing I can imagine myself doing. How lucky am I that I get to do it for a living?

Donna’s next book is SLEIGH RIDE WITH THE RANCHER, book 2 in the Holiday Miracles trilogy with Fiona Harper and Shirley Jump. The books are on sale separately in North America from April to December, and in a 3-in-1 anthology titled A Christmas Letter in the UK.

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