Monday, October 29, 2012

Male on Monday - Tough Guys

This week Donna Alward is here for a Male on Monday that reflects her current tastes... forget the pretty boys. She likes her guys tough...and maybe a little dirty and scarred.

I realized something when I looked at my current TV watching schedule. Most of the heroes are a little rough around the edges. Some aren't necessarily good guys...maybe a good heart at the core, and definitely a certain "code" that they follow...but they are capable of bad things. They are DANGEROUS. And it shows.

Case in point #1: Cullen Bohannon, HELL ON WHEELS. Played by Anson Mount, he's generally a good guy but he does things that are not so great. He's scruffy, he curses a lot, and he's not above using violence to solve his problems.  But he's not greasy - whatever he has to say, he'll say it to your face. And he doesn't smile much, but when he

Case in point #2: Michael Stonebridge, STRIKE BACK. Along with his partner Damien Scott in Britain's covert unit "Section 20", he's the "good" guy in this duo. I mean, Scott tends to get it on with someone every episode, you know? And he's going to do questionable things and has a shady CIA past while Stonebridge is the straight man. But Mike gets bruised up a lot. And he had an affair with someone in his section last season. AND...this season is all about revenge for him and he's even blown a mission because of it. (Played by Philip Winchester).

Case in point #3: Kevin Corcoran, in real life known as Tom Weston-Jones in the new series COPPER. A rough-and-ready cop in New York City in 1864, the series opener shows him with his cohorts, thwarting a bank robbery (their job) and helping themselves to some of the cash (not exactly by the book). A former Union soldier, he's not above doing what needs to be done to accomplish justice. His girlfriend is a prostitute, his wife disappeared while he was away and his daughter is dead. He's got a limp for a few episodes considering he got his leg broken by a Pinkerton in episode 2.

Case in point #4: Jax Teller, SONS OF ANARCHY, played by Charlie Hunnam. Dude is VP of a biker gang. They're messed up with a lot of crap. But he'll do anything to protect his "old lady" and his kids. ANYTHING. The facial hair doesn't quite do it for me but the eyes do.

What about you? Do you like them a little on the dangerous and roughed-up side?

Donna's new release is SLEIGH RIDE WITH THE RANCHER, the second book in the Holiday Miracles Trilogy with Fiona Harper and Shirley Jump. Her hero's a good guy, but he's got a scar that lets Hope know that he's had some rough times in the past...

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  1. Noice selection. Maybe I have been missing something by not watching television for over two years.

  2. Oddly enough, only Anson Mount is American. Charlie Hunnam is from Newcastle and Tom Weston-Jones is English as well even though both play Americans (Charlie is particularly good with his accent). Philip Winchester I believe was born in the US but has an English mother (and a gorgeous accent).

  3. Anson Mount - oo la la


  4. I love that you're spotlighting these guys, hopefully you'll win them some more fans. Hell on Wheels and Copper are two of my favorite shows. Weeks later, I'm still thinking about Hell on Wheels second season finale, it was stunning, both in the shock value sense, and emotionally.

  5. I KNOW Summer! That final pic of Bohannon standing on the tracks...Is there a season 3 coming? I hope so!

    And Copper is great. I totally didn't see the twist with McGuire.