Monday, October 22, 2012

Industry Insider: Romance Novel Cover Artist Jon Paul

One of the best Romance novel cover artists in the business, Jon Paul provides insight into his work.

Jon Paul regularly designs covers for various leading publishing houses, including Harlequin. Some of his most memorable for PHS editor Michelle Styles have been his Harlequin Historical covers. There is something that seems to ooze romance about his covers. Michelle always feels privledged when one of his covers appears on one of her books and knows that other Harlequin Historical authors feel the same way.
When his representative contacted PHS to share some videos of Jon Paul talking about his work, Michelle jumped at the chance to bring greater insight into this talented artist and the way he develops his work to Pink Heart Society readers.

In the mid 1980's Jon Paul won a place on the prestigious   New York Academy of Fine Arts nine month program. He later trained under Nelson Shank at the National Academy of Design. He has had a very successful career designing Romance novel book covers and have worked with many of the top models. He also has worked on a number of successful advertising campaigns and even designed Anna Nicole Smith's gravestone!
He continues to work very hard at designing covers so without further ado here are the videos about Jon Paul and his work, including how hard he works. It is so interesting to hear about the way he works to create such beautiful covers and exactly how he uses the art fact sheet etc. If you want to know how covers (in particular Harlequin Historical novel covers are created) watch these two videos!

And part 2 is here:


  1. His work is amazing. I really enjoyed that, thanks!

  2. Thanks for posting the videos. Cover art has always been important to me in selecting a book and remembering the book. I've always wondered why fiction cover artists and designers don't get credit in the book the same as non-fiction cover artists and designers do.

  3. Very interesting! Thanks for sharing. Beautiful artwork!