Friday, October 12, 2012

Fill The Well Friday :: Coffee

The Pink Heart Society's most loyal readers may look at the title of today's post and think Jenna Bayley-Burke actually drank a well of coffee. And while that is not outside the realm of Willy Wonka-esque possibility, she's actually talking coffee dates.

We call it group therapy. And truly, when life gets in the way and my favorite group of local mommies miss our monthly appointment...we all go a bit crazy. Having other women echo your own frustrations and actually share some solutions that work? Priceless.

Really, our husbands do not want to weigh the pros and cons of carpools, the ballet showcase or Math Olympics. They just want us to make it happen, and preferably not spend any money doing it.

Parenting is hard. Rewarding and fun, but hard. Sometimes there is nothing a mommy needs more than simple acknowledgement that yes, it does in fact suck to have your ice maker go out a month after the warranty expired and your repair guru reccomends you replace the whole refrigerator because of a freon leak which is not in the budget since you're waiting on a royalty check so you can take down the giant cedars that died in your backyard because of a beetle infestation. Especially since you just paid more than you planned rescuing two puppies instead of one and you realize that the only way to pay for this mini-catastrophe is to use the savings you'd earmarked for the Disneyland trip you'd promised your kid for his 6th grade graduation.

See that well? It's all first-world problems. So complaining about it outside of the coffee circle seems silly. But between the couch and comfy chairs, you get hugs, the offer of a fridge currently chillin' in a garage, the number of a tree surgeon and a tip about MouseSavers. , Problems not quite solved, but much more managable.

I'm also blessed to have a local group of authors to sip the magic brew with. We gather once a month to brainstorm, exchange critiques, career plan...and release our writing angst. The unhelpful heroes, the flat scenes, the looming deadlines, the waiting...even how hard it is to juggle pronouns in scenes where two men are speaking. We've even found a place with free coffee refills, so by the time we leave we're buzzing to get to work!

There is something about the rich roast that helps us open up and share with those we gather with. I crave the comfort of a morning cuppa in the quiet before the circus starts. But I look forward to being with those who 'get' it, who understand the way only true friends can.

Jenna Bayley-Burke's latest is a crazy and sexy ride from Washington DC to Oregon. Readers will eagerly turn the pages as they wait to see what happens next. From haunted B&Bs and whore-houses to a petting zoo, her main characters are on the road - and the romance - of a lifetime.

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