Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Learning Curve of the New Author: AMBA 2012!!

Friday 14th September was certainly fun.  After a 5am start in Scotland, a flight to London City Airport, train to Charing Cross and a detour to Fortnum and Mason's it was time for the Annual Association of Mills and Boon Author Lunch in the Charing Cross Hotel.
Organised by Sharon Kendrick, Heidi Rice and Fiona Harper it was a great day. There's something so nice about meeting up with other authors and talking about the thing you love most in the world - writing.

It's a chance to meet up with friends - old and new.  This year I got to meet US author Kimberly Lang and newly signed RIVA author Charlotte Phillips.
I also managed to catch up with fellow Pink Heart editor Michelle Styles.  The same woman, who might have cornered me at AMBA last year about joining Pink Heart in the first place!
Michelle and Scarlet

It was also a cause for celebration as two Mills and Boon Authors were receiving their pins for publishing 50 books for Mills and Boon.  Hats off to Kate Hardy and Katherine Garbera.
Katherine Garbera with Tessa Shapcott and Dianne Moggy
Kate Hardy, Tessa Shapcott and Dianne Moggy

And then came the finale!
Kimberly Lang went outside and fell over on the cobblestones.  She was picked by a man who escorted her back upstairs.  He was the groom and was having his wedding and his wife was a huge Mills and Boon fan!
Michelle Styles and Carol Townend with the bride!
It was a lovely end to a great night.  I even gave her the Mills and Boon goody bag we'd been given earlier in the day with champagne and Kir Royale chocolates.  Unfortunately it also contained my camera case - never mind!


  1. Lovely pictures. Cobblestones are a real big surprise for most North Americans. I bet you made the bride's day extra special.

  2. It was so LOVELY seeing you Scarlet. And thank you for this report, plus agreeing to do PHS again for another year! You are such an asset.
    Giving up your goodie bag was SO kind. I am sure it helped to make the bride (Tracy) day more special.
    The notebook and pen I was given has gone to the new Presents author Victoria Parker as she came over for a chat yesterday and had to talk to her new editor and needed to make notes. It seemed right.
    AMBA was fab day.
    I was just sorry that we didn't get a chance to chat longer.

  3. Great report Scarlet and lovely hanging out with you again :) xx Abby

  4. Scarlet, thanks for sharing. It's great to hear all about it. Glad you had such a marvellous time.

  5. Dear Scarlet,

    Congratulations on your success - such an amazing year!!

    I have a question about the upcoming So You Think You Can Write contest and haven't found an answer anywhere - and wonder if you might possibly know.

    Will the three extra 'wildcard' entries picked by the editors be based on their writing or just pulled from a hat? I have a few wonderful friends, but am not a facebooker or tweeter and will not be able to ask/ beg/ bribe (ha ha) hundreds of social networking friends/ followers to vote for my entry. If the wildcards are based on good writing I stand a chance (I hope!) but if it's a popularity contest I have to be realistic and accept that it's not a contest I should enter. (Or maybe it's a sign that it's time I joined the rest of the world and became a facebooker & twitterer - !!)

    Thanks for any inside info you're willing to share . . .


  6. Hi Scarlet! It was such a fab day, brilliant to meet you. I think you are a star for giving up your goody bag. Already looking forward to next year x

  7. Hi Scarlet!
    Thank you for sharing your pics and your fun stories!

  8. Hi kaelee, yes Kimberly was certainly surprised by the cobblestones but thankfully it all worked out in the end!

  9. Hi Michelle, lovely to see you again too and looking forward to another pink heart year. Even better we'll have at least three new call stories to schedule for next year!

  10. Lovely hanging with you too Abby, only wish I had more stamina. Always knackered at night time because of the 5am start from Glasgow!

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  12. Thanks Annie, already looking forward to next year!

  13. Abby, as far as I understand the three wild cards are picked by the editors - not randomly. This is to allow any really promising entries o go through in spite of the fact they might not have many votes x

  14. Hi Charlotte, it was so nice to meet you in person. As for the goody bag - the bride deserved it!

  15. Hi Wendy, love AMBA it's always so much fun. Maybe one day you'll show me round RWA......