Friday, September 21, 2012

MUST WATCH FRIDAY: The Big 50 Shades Casting Debate!

Riva/Harlequin Presents Exta author Heidi Rice gets embroiled in the most talked about movie that has yet to be made.... And asks who do you think should play Christian Grey?

Okay, so this isn't really a must-watch movie so much as a must-watch-this-space debate. Love it or loath it, EL James's gazillion-selling erotic trilogy is the biggest thing to hit romance publishing in a generation (bigger even than Twilight, apparently) and as a result the 'who should play Christian Grey?' has taken on a life of it's own among the online community of 50 Shades' fans.

Christian Grey — a brooding billionaire with a dark past and a perchance for somewhat kinky sexual practices — is of course the book's seriously screwed up hero and for me (having persevered through the first few chapters to actually become quite hooked on the books - yes, I admit it!) the trilogy's main selling point. Because frankly, I found the heroine Ana got a little annoying — so it's not all that surprising that it's Christian's casting that is creating the most buzz...

So I'm giving all us Pink Hearters a chance to get involved... Which means judging the numerous fake, raunchy Youtube trailers done by the book's devotees to support their choices. If you're not remotely interested in the debate, just consider it a great chance to peruse some of Hollywood's hottest male stars (mostly to the strains of Snow Patrol!) looking HAWT.


So here are some of the top contenders (in no particular order):

Henry Cavill:

Okay so the soon-to-be star of the Superman movie Man of Steel is British, but he's got the brooding looks and he knows how to look hunky in a glider.... Here's proof...

Matt Bomer:

With more fake trailers on Youtube than any of the other contenders (several of which have got more than a million views) Bomer appears to be the readers' hottie of choice! I'd never heard of him before Maisey Yates gave me the nod. Cheers Maisey. [not sure what Matt Damon's doing in here though]

Michael Fassbender:

Fassbender is a man with no-Shame (literally!) who's not afraid to deliver a good spanking (just ask Kiera Knightley) and he has Fifty Shades' famed copper locks. However is he maybe a bit jaded to play a 27-year-old?

Ian Sommerhalder:

The Vampire Diaries star can defo do cute and brooding (just ask his Vampire brethren), but gotta admit he's not one of my faves: not sure he has what it takes in the acting stakes to portray all of Grey's complexity.


An obvious front-runner because of his Team Edward connections... But he's dissed the book in public... Oops.

So who do you fancy? One of these hunks or someone completely different? Or would you rather gouge your eyes out than hear any more about this book!

Let me know in the comments and I'll be giving away a copy of my recent 2-in-1 PS I'm Pregnant to one lucky commentator.

Heidi Rice writes for Riva and Harlequin Presents Extra and will be a Kiss author next year! Woohoo! 

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  1. Oooh, nice thought.... Will have to go and see if there are any trailers for him!

  2. I don't think it's going to worry me too much so long as Christian is hot and they do the dialogue well.

  3. I'm clearly more picky than you Fiona... Although I'll agree on the dialogue, I'm also kind of intrigued to see how they do the email conversations, which were my favourite part of the book by miles!

  4. With you Abby.... Although I wouldn't object to Bomer, I think I like Henry best too!

  5. I am a big fan of Michael Fassbender, but I don't see him as Christian Grey. The rest of the men look too sweet, in my opinion :) What do you think of Ryan Gosling? I think that he looks naughty & sophisticated at the same time.

    1. Actually Ryan was one of the early frontrunners and there are some YouTube trailers for him... I thought he was brilliant in Drive - but I'm just not sure he's beautiful enough.

  6. Giles Marini! Love that super hot bod ... I mean dude! :-) Who can forget the shower scene in the Sex in the City movie - not me! Yummy.

    I thought Ana was TSTL and she irritated me beyond belief. Christian Grey on the other hand ... delicious!

    1. Blimey, never heard of Marini.... Or that shower scene *rushes off to hit google images!* purely for research purposes you understand!

  7. Hi Heidi,

    I also adored the email conversations part and just like you I am also very curious how they are going to incorporate that part into the film. For me definitely Henry Cavill he would be perfect !

    Thank you for the lovely give away and the chance to win your book.

    1. That's three votes for Mr Cavill in our little poll... He seems to be the PHS frontrunner at the moment.

  8. Hi Heidi, I vote for Henry Cavill . Henry cavill is just sooo perfect . He will be a very perfect Christian grey , arethazhenATrocketmailDOTCOM

  9. Actually in hindsight I think Michael Fassbender would be perfect, he's got that amazing brooding intensity..and the right colouring. Plus we know he looks good in the bedroom ;). He might just be too old ;/.
    x Abby

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  11. Another Henry vote... Thanks Aretha

    And Yeah, Abby, I do kind of like Michael for the part too, especially after seeing Shame. He's also got the copper hair! But maybe a bit too old to play a 27 year old, although Christian is a bit jaded too, isn't he.

    Oh dear, so many hot men, so hard to decide.

    (sorry, deleted the previous comment because there was a typo!)

  12. I'm a huge Matt Bomer fan so I'm gonna have to go with him. Although, Henry is a close second for me. If Matt wants the part though he's gonna have to show he can do the intense brooding thing really well. He's got the sophistication down from White Collar and sexy from Magic Mike. It's the dark and kinky that needs some work. But he'd be yummy to watch.

    I'm interested to see how they handle the emails...but I'm more interested to see how they're going to handle the sensuality without veering too far for a mainstream movie.


  13. That's a good question Kira and one I'm sure we're all asking. My take, it'll probably be an 18... Anything less will be a bit of a cop-out, but if you've seen Shame that can allow for quite a lot.

  14. I do like Matt Bomer, however Michael Fassbender is my number one for Chistian. His acting skills are perfect for C, hes not afraid to reach new limits, he's played some amazing roles. I think he would be perfect for C! A little bit of makeup and he can look 27 no problem! C is old before his time, an old head on young shoulders. I think Fassbender can bring that.

  15. You see now you've got me leaning towards Mick again, Samantha!! But I also like Matt Bomer and Henry Cavill.... Sheesh, so many hot men, so hard to decide!

    Anyway, have picked a name out of a hat and the winner of PS I'm Pregnant is Amanda Holly!! Yay, Amanda... So if you'd like to send me your details on I'll post you a copy (and please don't tell me you live in Outer Mongolia!)

    Thanks all for your comments. All I'm really hoping is they don't cast Tom Cruise!

  16. I vote for Matt Bomer. I just can't picture Henry Cavill as Christian. But, my absolute favorite would have to be Ryan Gosling.