Monday, September 17, 2012

Male On Monday : Olivier Martinez

Where do you get your ideas? Romance novelists get that question all the time. All writers, really. But The Pink Heart Society editor Jenna Bayley-Burke thinks when she gets that question at mommy coffee mornings, they expect a salacious answer, something involving the Kama Sutra and Olivier Martinez.

I aim to please. Like many romance authors, I tend to have a celebrity muse for most of my characters -- especially the heroes. In Drive Me Crazy, that helpful hunk was none other than the man who pops into most women's heads when you say the words "sexy Frenchman".

It has something to do with the stellar women we've seen him date - Mira Sorvino, Kylie Minogue, & Halle Berry. The guy has to be doing something right to get that kind of attention.

Now, we can guess some of the attraction. Those piercing eyes. Full lips. Sexy accent. And um...there is the movie, Unfaithful. Ahem.

Monsieur Martinez began his award-winning career in films in his native France. Hollywood took notice and welcomed him into dramatic roles. And we thank them.

The son of a mechanic and a secretary, Olivier was a jeans salesman before his acting career took off. Can you imagine? Actually, give that a shot. Olivier Martinez, a dressing room...

Where was I? Ah yes, imagining my muse. He served me well as inspiration, though I don't think he'd be too comfortable with the idea. He was once quoted as saying ::
The concept of sex symbol in France is different. They don't like the 'sex symbol' in France. I don't consider myself a sex symbol because all my cousins would laugh at me. "Ah, look at the sex symbol! He's coming today!" So, no, I can't be a sex symbol.
Jenna Bayley-Burke's latest is a crazy and sexy ride from Washington DC to Oregon. Readers will eagerly turn the pages as they wait to see what happens next. From haunted B&Bs and whore-houses to a petting zoo, her main characters are on the road - and the romance - of a lifetime.


  1. I rely on Male on Monday to point out who is who in the film world as I don't do movies. I love the picture with the books and thank you so much for the introduction. He's hot!