Friday, September 14, 2012

Fill The Well Friday :: Puppies!

Few things bring more unconditional love than our pets. The Pink Heart Society editor Jenna Bayley-Burke is sharing the latest editions to her circus, ahem, family. Frick & Frack!

Can you handle the cuteness? If you're ever feeling like your well has run dry, turn to animals for a quick booster of unconditional love.

Whether cats, dogs, birds...what have you. They remind us with their gentle ways that life is pretty simple when you get down to it.

Be happy.
Play hard.
Look around.
Come home.

When our family decided it was time for our boys to have pups of their own, we knew we wanted to rescue. We rescued our first dog, and he was the most amazing friend to us. Continuing to do so was our tribute to him. And there are so many animals just waiting for forever homes.

Since we wanted two, a pup for each boy, it took us a bit longer than we expected. But as soon as we saw the cute faces on these two brothers, we knew they were for us. They came to us from the Great Pyranees Rescue Society, which rescues dogs from kill shelters and arranges fostering of this special large breed.

Our dogs were so bonded, they we required to be adopted as a set - perfect for us! When we went to get them from the transport magic happened. As we were introducing ourselves, the boys made their way to the puppies, having recognized them from pictures. The pups got up and each went to a boy. Those initial, instinctive pairings have stuck. The boys felt that the dog chose them, a very special feeling indeed.

Nothing lifts my mood quite like a dog. Research shows dog owners are generally in better health - it has something to do with the exercise of walking them. But I think it is the easy vibe of an animal who has the goal of getting you to pet them. Our pups are very affectionate. I think they'd be content to lie around and be brushed all day.

Our boys are learning responsibility, and that great bond a kid has with their dog. They've had many hushed conversations, sharing secrets with a friend they can truly trust to never betray a confidence. I try to thank the pups every day for giving that gift to my boys.

After I'd completed every book I would read it aloud to my biggest fan, Rogue the Wonderdawg. That pooch stayed awake just to show his support. When he passed earlier this summer I lost a step in my writerly process, and a great friend. My holiday release is the last story we managed to get through together. I wonder what Frick & Frack will think of my writing? Jenna Bayley-Burke

Be sure to check out the blog Help Miss Mousie, started by Harlequin Romance author and cat lover Melissa McClone to help raise funds needed for a surgery for one of her adult foster cats. Your favorite authors are there sharing about their cats, and other things cat-tastic.

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