Monday, August 13, 2012

Male On Monday :: Olympics Edition

The Pink Heart Society thought these Olympic games were amazing! Yes, exclamation point worthy. The strong women, the determined men, the pride and passion of everyone involved. But this is Male on Monday, so we’ll keep it to the men’s events.


Lochte & Phelps. That was the lead off story of the Olympic games for weeks, at least in America. And for good reason, as their medal count lived up to the press. Plus, how cute is Ryan Lochte? If I ate cereal, I'd want him on my Wheaties box!

And when I think of Michael Phelps - retiring and financially set at 27 with that tones, tall physique? Am I the only one who thinks that sounds like Presents or Desire hero?
Let's keep it in the pool to admire the men crazy enough to jump off three story buildings into a tub of water. The gymnastic ability of the high divers is awe inspiring, as is the slight craziness it takes to even attempt it.
Regardless of country, most everyone was chering on Brittain's Tom Daly. Just eighteen and in his second Olympics, the English teen heartthrob has endured personal tragedy with the loss of his father a year ago. Every dive was dedicated to his father's memory, and so, we enjoyed watching them all the more.


I don't know about y'all, but the bodies on the Olympic sprinters were un-freaking-believable. They looked photoshopped, and truly superhuman...and then they moved at the speed of wow. So many of us just sat on our couches saying...WOW!
The dedication and determination it must take to create the perfect storm of muscle, power, and quickness to propel the human body that fast...I may need to fan myself.

We don't see much volleyball in the US, so I was loving watching the games. The men are so tall and focused. I enjoyed beach volleyball the most. It was just so intense.

I could go on, and on. Soccer, basketball, wrestling - even sports I'd never realized like handball and ping pong (really). Instead, I'll ask...

Who was your favorite man of the London games?

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  1. Now it's understandable cos you were at RWA12 and all but you're AMERICAN and I CANNOT BELIEVE you've mentioned Lochte and Phelps but NOT Nathan Adrian. Yes, I spent a lot of time poolside at these games. Now get thee to Google, forthwith.

    You're welcome.

  2. I liked the rowers. It was the shoulders and their height. Always good eye candy.

  3. My eyes were mostly on the pool events and gymnastics (talk about muscles!), but I also liked watching beach volleyball and some of the track events. And speaking of divers, how about David Boudia, who almost didn't make it to the semi-finals and ended up upsetting China for the gold?

    I wish more of the soccer and basketball games would have been on NBC instead of cable. I only got to see the women's semi-final soccer match because we had it on at work, but missed the gold medal game. And basketball--the only men's game many of us got to see was the gold medal match, provided we didn't sleep in. I feel for west-coasters who had to get up before 7am to see that one!

  4. I couldn't list them all! Maybe I should have broke it into two, Olympians in the water and Olympians on land.