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Male On Monday: Eduardo Verastegui

Model Eduardo Verastegui provided inspiration for Harlequin Ropmantic Suspence Author Beth Cornelison
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The hero of THE REUNION MISSION, Daniel LeCroix, started out as a secondary character in my June release, SOLDIER'S PREGNANCY PROTOCOL. When I wrote SPP, I really hadn't planned to do too much with Daniel, possibly not even having him show up as more than a mention at the end of the book. But the farther I got in the story, the more intriguing Daniel became to me, and his character started demanding attention. He wanted to be on stage, and his magnetism and allure were too powerful to ignore. His backstory beckoned to me, begging to be told, and his relationship with the daughter of the Senator who'd betrayed him, proved too poignant to me not to reveal.

            Daniel has lived a hard life, sprinkled with moments of happiness that he clings to and cherishes. His parents died when he was young, and he was sent to live with his Cajun grandmother, deep in the bayous of south Louisiana. He met— and lost— the love of his life when he was in his early twenties. Feeling betrayed and heartbroken, he threw himself into a demanding, secretive and highly dangerous job with the black ops team. He's endured life threatening injuries, difficult living conditions and deception, all of which left scars on him, both emotional and physical. But Daniel is fiercely loyal and deeply passionate with a soft spot of children. Writing THE REUNION MISSION became more about taking dictation from this vibrant hero who had so much to say. The story flowed, and I had more fun writing that book, peeling back the layers of this mesmerizing man, than any in a long time.

            Finding an image on the internet to match or approximate the image in my head of my brooding and devastatingly handsome Cajun hero was much harder. The cover art that Harlequin came up with is beautiful and atmospheric. I love the art department's depiction of Nicole. They nailed it with her! Their concept of Daniel, though, is good but not quite right. He's more brooding, much darker featured. His hair is jet black, not brown, and he's a bit more rough around the edges from hard living with the black ops team. He's smoldering and darkly dangerous.

            Model Eduardo Verastegui came closest to matching my idea of what Daniel looked like.

            Sure, Eduardo is Latin, not Cajun, but he has that swarthy, brooding and totally hot look about him that Daniel has. Daniel LeCroix definitely ranks high on my list of favorite heroes I've written. I hope you'll enjoy meeting him in THE REUNION MISSION, available in a special promotion paired up with TALL DARK DEFENDER, an earlier book of mine.

            Happy reading,

            Beth Cornelison

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