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Writer's Workspace: Robin Perini

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When the gals at the Pink Heart Society told me I'd be blogging on the Writer's Workspace day, I sort of panicked. First off, my office is either relatively neat…or a complete and utter disaster. At the end of a book…that's right disaster. But…I agreed anyway, realizing, that if nothing else, I could share how messy my writing life can be.

When I bought the house I currently live in, I didn't have many must-haves…but one was an office. So, I have an office. And I bought a desk. It had 15 million screws, but I put it together. I can't ever move, because, it won't fit through the door. Anyway, that corner of my room is where I have everything I need at my fingertips…most importantly, a nice-sized monitor, an ergonomic keyboard, and up and to the right…my plotting board! Yep…see all those colored post-its…that's my book!

Currently I'm writing my spring release from Amazon's Montlake Romance, entitle Behind the Lies. I'm having a lot of fun with that book, but as you can tell from all the colors, there are quite a few little threads weaving through the story. I've written all my books at this desk. I roll out of bed at 5 am, and pretty much before I wake up and can avoid the story, I write for ninety minutes. Then, of course, the day job kicks in. You can't see it, but at my feet is a small heater. In the wintertime, that sucker comes in mighty handy.

My best investment…a great chair. I sit at that computer far too long not to have a comfy place for 'butt in the chair, hands on keyboard' (BICHOK).

So…my writing process is that I write a fast draft. It's about 75-80% of the words needed. Typically all the scenes are there, but it's more like who does what, when, and overall how they feel. My beta reader, Claire, calls it my cerebral version. It's when I'm figuring things out. I love the fast draft, because even though I plan my story, all kinds of cool stuff happens during the writing process. So, what do I do after I fast draft? Well, I revise it and beef it up on the screen…then I take a bath. Yep. That picture is my awesome bathtub…with bubbles and candles no less. That's where I do my first critique. I can't read on the screen. I have to print it out. I don't know what it is, but the story reads differently on paper than on the screen.

So, each chapter gets a soak in a bubble bath. Then it's time for the final read. And another location. I have a comfy wingback chair that's pretty much just for reading my third through umpteenth versions of my book as I polish the story. I'm surrounded by books. If you could read some of the titles, you'd find books on weapons, poisons, and various ways to do people in. I write romantic suspense, after all.

So MY writing workspace moves from place to place, but it works for me. I'd love to know if you have a spot in your house that's your favorite. The tub, the patio, a comfy chair…the kitchen, beside the fireplace. Comment and earn a chance to win an autographed copy of my latest release, Cowboy in the Crossfire (which I wrote at the desk, critiqued in the tub and edited in the wing back).

I love to hear from readers, too. You can catch me, read excerpts, read reviews, sign up for my quarterly newsletter or mailing list, and even request trading cards or a Kindlegraph on my website at I'm also on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads and Pinterest.


  1. I enjoy reading in the passenger seat of the car and in the tub (but often read while waiting in doctors' offices too); when I was a teenager, I preferred lying on a beach towel in the backyard or curled up on the backseat floor of our parents' car (before seat belts were mandatory), usually in a car rug during the hot summer months with no air conditioning.
    I usually scrapbook in my (recliner) chair in the living room, using a folded-up card table on our ottoman and spreading items around me on the floor - even though I have a perfectly fine dining room table behind me (but the remote won't work from there, LOL!).
    I don't own a laptop (well ... I bought my husband one last year, but I've never learned how to use it), so my paid work is done on my basement computer in my office. I wouldn't get as much exercise (running up and down the steps numerous times of the day) if I used a laptop, plus I like having everything around me in my office. I have a very big executive desk that holds a fax machine; two printers, the tower, monitor, keyboard, and speakers; three transcription machines, and a pencil sharpener - yet still has enough room to place four piles of paper, if necessary. Then there's the (microwave) table on wheels I move beside me and all the desk drawers for storage, so everything is always at my fingertips. When proofreading typing projects (often books), I edit the printed pages at my dining room table where there is excellent lighting and I can spread pages across the table, if necessary. (I catch more "errors" from a printed page than a computer screen.) I make sure no one is around, as I read every word aloud, sometimes over and over again.

    1. Hi Laney--

      Thanks SO much for posting...interesting how we both move around to do our editing...and reading aloud is such a good technique!

      Sounds like you've got a lot of neat areas in your office. I do have a laptop...but I use it mostly while traveling...though recently I injured my knee and had to keep it elevated, so that worked well.

      Have a wonderful day, and thanks so much for stopping by!


  2. Love seeing other writers offices-mine is a mess much of the time. My writing chair is a large indoor/outdoor "wicker" rocking chair at my desk with my laptop computer on a board in my lap that is tethered to a larger monitor on my desk. Using both, I can run Scrivener, Curio & MSW at the same time. I'm trying to go paperless, so I have my computer read my manuscript to me, then I hear repeated words & strange word combinations. Look forward to reading Cowboy in the Crossfire, Sandy D

    1. Thanks SO much for stopping by Sandy.

      My office really is a mess often as well. I use Scrivener, too...but I fast draft in Word and then use Scrivener for my revisions...At least at the moment. Love the note cards and ability to color them for POV.

      I haven't tried the computer reading to me...I may have to do that! Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoy the story.

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  4. Hi Laney...I did a small random drawing and you won the autographed copy of Cowboy in the Crossfire. If you will send me your mailing address at robin (at) robinperini (dot)com, I'd be pleased to send the book and trading cards your way.

    Thanks for posting!

    All my best,

  5. Just sent my email. Thanks so much, Robin!