Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Writer's Wednesday: Tara Taylor Quinn on What Matters about Writing

PHS are delighted to have USA Today Bestselling Super Romance Author Tara Taylor Quinn as our guest today to talk about her writing process and being a writer

I love what I do – writing books for a living.  I must, I’m just coming off from two days of nothing but writing.  Fifty pages a day, two days in a row, because the book was due and wouldn’t end.  I’m over word count.  Over page count.  But the story had to be told and it’s my job to tell it.

Some people in my life are aware of the enormous task the past two days posed.  I was on schedule.  Had paced myself and while I knew that the last two days would be longer than most, the ending always is, I also knew that on those last days, the pages flow more swiftly.  By the end of the book, most of my work is done.  If I’ve done my job, the ending is just for everything to fall into place and then ride off into the sunset.

I didn’t run into problems on this book.  Things presented themselves in ways that left no doubt that the story is right.  The people just had more to do, more to say, more to show to me than I allotted time or words or page count to.  And so I wrote.  Fourteen hours yesterday.  Almost the same today.  In the past twenty four hours two different people have said to me that they don’t know how I could write fifty pages in a day.  They couldn’t do it in…ever.

It’s not easy.  I feel as though I’ve just come out of a deep sleep and the world has moved on without me.  I was talking to a neighbor a little bit ago and they were discussing the storm we had last night.  One person suffered three thousand dollars worth of damage.  I didn’t even know there had been winds.  I vaguely remember looking out and seeing a funny colored sky at one point in my writing induced stupor.  I couldn’t even say for sure which day that was.  I don’t guess it really matters.  The writing matters.  The story.  Getting it right.

I don’t ask myself how, or even if, I can do it.  I just do it.  Because I love what I do.

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