Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Learning Curve of the New Author: RNA Conference 2012

Going to the RNA Conference is always a blast.  This year it was held in Penrith, which is just a few hours drive for me.
Some of the medical authors and Mills and Boon editors, also pictured are some of our other RNA colleagues
It's a chance to meet up with friends, have fun, learn something new, drink wine, talk craft, admire shoes (shoes are VERY mportant at RNA), see the direction of the romance market and eat plenty of food.  Did I mention the social aspects????

This year I attended some lectures I wouldn't previously have considered.  I've been so focused on writing my medical romances that I've missed out on some of the other aspects and genres of romance writing.  Two gems this years were Choosing your Historical Periods and Should Young Adult Fiction Go All the Way?
I loved the discussion during both of these workshops and came away with a whole host of reading recommendations.
I'm really impressed by some of the YA fiction I've found in the last year while trying to help my eldest son find something he enjoys reading and really engages him.  Tamsyn Murray and Anna Baggley (from MIRA Ink) spoke with enthusiasm and passion about YA fiction it was impossible not to get sucked in.
And the realm of possibilities amongst historical fiction is fascinating.  I have a sudden urge to read some historical fiction set in Ancient Egypt - any recommendations??

Scarlet and Sheila Hodgson, Senior Editor Mills and Boon
The Gala night was fab and it was a chance to meet up with our Mills and Boon Editors to enjoy some drinks.

This conference I had the privilege of someone telling me that they'd read and loved one of my stories.  It was a totally surreal experience.  And made me feel as if a little butterfly was zipping about inside my stomach.
But I'm a fan girl too.  And there lots of authors I made a point of seeking out and telling that I'd read their book and loved it.
Fiona Harper and India Grey
This year was a great goody bag experience.  There were six books in every bag this year, as well as book giveaways at the MIRA talk.  Talk about a room being stampeded!
I got home late on Sunday night and once I'd hugged and kissed my kids, checked the fridge (it was completely empty) and switched on the washing machine (the laundry had grown arms and legs since I'd left on Friday) I went to bed.  At nine o'clock.
Scarlet and Romy, one of the Minxes of Romance
Roll on Sheffield - RNA Conference 2013!

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  1. Sounds like you had a brilliant time. Will try and make it next year. And love the photos, as always you look glorious in scarlet, Scarlet!