Monday, July 16, 2012

Male on Monday: Leanne Banks The Princess and the Outlaw

The Pink Heart Society is delighted to welcome Harlequin Special Edition author Leanne Banks to share her inspiration for the hero in her latest book The Princess and the Outlaw.

Male on Monday.  What a delicious subject.  And the perfect way to start the week. 

I’m so thrilled to share the inspiration for Nic Lafitte, the hero in THE PRINCESS AND THE OUTLAW.  First, if you’re pirate savvy, you’ll notice the last name.  Lafitte.  Jean Lafitte was a famous French private in the Gulf of Mexico.  I’ve been told that one of my ancestors was a French pirate.

I must confess that my fascination with Caribbean pirates goes back further than Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow, but he certainly made me fall in love with pirates again.:)

What do I love about Nic Lafitte?

  1. He’s clever.  I love a smart man with an excellent sense of humor.
  2. He’s both strong and compassionate.  A tough combination to find.  Although he’s an international businessman, he’s determined to help make his dying mother’s wish come true.
  3. He’s sexy and has a voracious appetite when it comes to the heroine in this book.
  4. He falls for a woman who’s not physically perfect.  She has bad hair and her focus is on academics.
  5. He challenges those around him to do and be their best.

In the back of my mind, I pictured Antonio Sabato Jr. as Nic Lafitte.  What do you think ?  Would you like him to kidnap you and carry you away?  If you could choose someone to be your own modern-day pirate who would it be?  I’ll give one commenter a $10.00 Amazon gift certificate!  Talk to me!:)  Arrrrgh!:)  If you’d like more info about THE PRINCESS AND THE OUTLAW, you can check it out here!  


Leanne Banks


  1. They are hot, I still like george clooney, David beckham, whoo, Ty for giveaway

  2. I think Richard Armitage or Alexander Skarsgård would make magnificent pirates :D

  3. Anonymous, David Beckham has such an amazing bod!

  4. Jo's Daughter, Oh, my excellent suggestions! I'm taking notes!:)

  5. Modern day pirate - the guy who plays Jesse Porter on Burn Notice.

  6. Marcie! Yes, I can so see that!:)

  7. I'll have to go with Henry Cavill the new Superman.

  8. I would pick WWE wrestler Sheamus as a modern day pirate. I loved your book, it really was emotional, and the shocker at the end, can't wait to read her story.

  9. Like Chey, I'd choose George Clooney. Heck, I'd choose George Clooney for just about anything, LOL!

  10. Replies
    1. Hi everyone Leanne picked Avi J as her winner. Please contact Leanne via her website for your prize!