Friday, July 13, 2012

Fill The Well Friday : Laugh It Out

Jenna Bayley-Burke giggles on over to The Pink Heart Society to warn you about comedy shows. Yes, laughing is a perfect way to Fill The Well, but know what you're in for!

So this one time, my girlfriends and I decided to go to a comedy show for a girls night out. We all have a gaggle of children, so these nights are few and far between. We all look forward to them. They are our mommy-therapy. Much cheaper than the shrink we don't have time to see.

We even selected a show because it was designed for mommies. You'd think it was tailor made for us.

We put on real pants instead of yoga pants that have never seen a yoga studio. We wear heels instead of sneakers or flipflops. There was mascara and blouses instead of t-shirts. We even went into the city instead of our familiar burb.

Our tickets came with a free drink, so we all ordered a different ridiculous frou-frou one from the special menu. And then we ordered another that was what we actually like. We came to party, well, as party as a half-dozen very tired mamas can get on a night that started with crack of dawn soccer tournaments, cub scout fundraisers, a dance recital and a small boy making it home from a week of chemotherapy treatments. (That mama truly needed a laugh)

The show starts, and it's the poor woman's first time. We snickered politely at the virgin, and hoped for more season talent to come. The next was a bit more sophmoric, but we got more amusement at passing the drinks around the table and wondering if we were the only group in the place not related to one of the acts.

Then came intermission. Oh, not a pause in the entertainment. A family therapist and author gave a presentation on how to talk to your kids about sex. Yep, birds and the bees. She even had books for sale. And we're all two drinks in, so we have to look at the pictures.

Everything was cartoon illustrated, so there was no tittilation factor. and yet, we couldn't help ourselves. We spend entirely too much time with a set of humans that burps for attention and thinks farting is something one should take pride in. Of course we cracked up at the page with the different descriptions for boobs. I mean, boobies!

The funniest part for me was so many of my girlfriends thinking their kids are clueless about sex. Um, these are some smart cookies. They know. Yes, mine got a lesson in it when we had to explain where the princess came from and why she was such a surprise. But their friends know. I've heard my tall one correcting friends about logistics, if you know what I mean. I least he was giving correct information.

The final comic was hysterical. Did a whole bit about introducing her boyfriend to her kids that had us rolling - and vowing to stay married just to avoid the same predicament!

As much as I enjoyed the last comic, I have to say the best part was just being with my girls and acting silly. I'm the goofiest of the bunch (shocker) and we all needed to let loose and get our giggle on. In fact, we need to do it again. Soon. Nothing fills the well better than laughing with friends.

Jenna Bayley-Burke is tickled by the reviews for her latest novel, Drive Me Crazy. The road trip romp has a haunted hotel, brothel museum, wild horses, and naughty behavior in a slot canyon. But you have to decide for yourself if there are really any ghosts. To keep up with Jenna, check her website, blog, Twitter, or Pinterest. She may have a bit of a Pinterest addiction. Don't judge.

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