Saturday, June 16, 2012

Writer's Workspace: Susan Sleeman

PHS takes a sneak peak into where Love Inspired Suspense author Susan Sleeman creates her books.

Susan Sleeman here. I write for Love Inspired Suspense and Spyglass Lane Mysteries. I’m thrilled to share my writing workspace where I have created seven published romantic suspense and mystery novels to date and am working on five more contracted novels. I must note that I have to fight with our cat to use this space, as she loves, loves, loves sleeping in my chair.

My office space is nothing fancy, but functional. The space is located in what should be the formal living room of our home. Because, well, who needs a formal living room these days and having a dedicated writing space is a great tax write off.

Besides the tax break, I need this space to keep my sanity as I write four or five books a year right now. Please, don’t hate me, but I am a super organized person. It’s the only way I can function. So I have to have plenty of filing space, a multi-purpose printer within reach, and basic office supplies so I don’t waste time looking for things. And, I still haven’t outgrown that joy of getting school supplies every year for back to school and I love to shop at office supply stores so I need a place to keep my little gems.

On the wall above my desk, I’ve framed cover flats and a poster provided by my publishers. I haven’t gotten the covers framed for the first books in my new Justice Agency mini-series for Love Inspired Suspense, but my first books are up there anyway. This reminds me of the end goal that if I keep fanny in chair every day and write, I will finish that manuscript and have another lovely book.

On the other side of my space is my bookshelf. I’m kind of unusual for a writer. I do collect books, but I don’t display them as it feels cluttered to me and then I can’t write. Can you say OCD? So I choose just a few and combine them with things that mean a lot to me. Like the photos of my children, grandson, a special cookie jar that belonged to my mom, etc.

So there you have it. The place I write and create. Thanks for having me as a guest blogger and for letting me share my writing life with you.

Susan's latest release is Double Exposure, book 1 in her new Justice Agency 5 book series featuring five adopted siblings who left law enforcement to form a private investigations agency.

Find out more about Susan and her books at


  1. Hmmm, I wonder if I clean my desk if that would turn me into an author. Maybe not. Thanks for giving us this peek into your world Susan.

  2. Thanks so much for hosting me, today. I really appreciate the chance to share about my writing space.

  3. Susan --
    We are v pleased to have you here. I loved your cat picture. My cat harbours editorial tendencies.