Saturday, June 23, 2012

Writers Workspace: Ann Lethbridge

Pink Heart Society is delighted to welcome Ann Lethbridge to show us her writers workspace today.  Take it away Ann!

Thank you for having me on the Pink Heart Society. It is always such a pleasure to join you ladies.

This is my cave.  Actually it is an upstairs bedroom that I am gradually turning into a sewing-room-come-writing space.  When I took this picture I was working on two deadlines. One to get the little pink smocked dress finished before a visit to my sister in Trinidad, whose daughter has a one year old.  I was determined to have the dress ready to take with me. Hence the mess in that corner of the room. 

And the other deadline was to finish THE BOOK before we left, hence the mess in the other corner of the room. This was the final edit of Lady of Shame, the fourth book in the upstairs/downstairs series about Castonbury Park, coming out in August.  I like to drop finished pages on the floor out of the way and gather them up later for blue box recycling. 

You will be glad to know that the threads have been scooped up off the floor and the dress now has been delivered. As has the book.

I used to write in a small office in the basement, and my pc is still down there, along with the printer. But the little Mac you see on the desk is what I use for all of my creative writing. In the summer I take it outside and sit in the shade, and in the winter, I now have daylight and birds in the tree outside. I much prefer being upstairs than below ground, and it is also much warmer.

Just so you know I am not always in such a mess, here it is all spiffy. Or about as spiffy as I ever get.  And this time, the dog has his chair back, since the overflow from the desk is now back where it belongs. Teaser ( mistakenly named when we thought he was a maltese when we got him from the pound), paces up and down until I make a space for him on that chair, for he has decided it is his. I planned it to be a comfortable spot for me to sit and read. Ah well, you can see who won the battle.

So are you like me, messy as heck who rushes round to tidy up when someone comes, or are you one of those amazing people who keeps things tidy as they go?

This month you will find the Laird’s Forbidden Lady in a store near you, or on the Harlequin website.  This is my first venture into a Scottish Regency, but I loved writing it, as I lived in Scotland for a while in my early teens.

If you want to know more about Ann Lethbridge and her books, you can visit her at If you love the regency and like snippets of history and wandering around England looking for places that existed during that time you can visit her at


  1. Love your workspace Ann and would love to see a cloe up of that beautiful dress!

  2. Ann, thank you for sharing your workspace with us. It's fascinating to see where other people write.

    Must say I'm intrigued by the sound of your Scottish regency. I'll definitely be checking it out.