Saturday, June 30, 2012

Writer's Workplace: Andrea Laurence

This week we take a peek at the workplace of Harlequin Desire author Andrea Laurence.

I’d like to that the Pink Heart Society ladies for having me here today. When they suggested I do a writer’s workspace blog, I thought, no problem. Then I realized there was no way I was going to show a picture of either of my workspaces until they were clean. And then I would forget until it was dirty again. Repeat this cycle for about two months, and then I got a note telling me my blog was late. Oops. No more procrastinating for the perfect picture! Thankfully, I managed to get two shots to share today.

The first picture is of my office. When I got my current house, I was so excited to have an office all my own. Previously, I’d been working on a computer shoved into the corner of the guest room. The room ended up serving more as a storage room most of the time, so it wasn’t exactly the most inspirational place to work. Then we got a new house with a 4th bedroom that I claimed as my own. I bought this great desk. I got art for the walls, if you call movie posters and half-naked men art, and I do. I unboxed all my fun toys and my lava lamp, giving them all a home at last. I bought a new monitor, a new computer chair. A bookshelf and file cabinet. I thought that finally, I would have the perfect place to craft stories without distractions.

And then I bought a laptop with my first advance. A laptop and a wifi connection set me free and I found that I didn’t want to sit in my office and work anymore. It wasn’t the retreat I wanted. It was more like a prison. I wanted to be downstairs where things happened and it was easier to do something, like write while something cooked and not miss the buzzer. (NOTE: I have no children, just lots of animals, so this may change in the future.) All that money and effort that went into setting up that office and this is where I’ve written all my books since then... an overstuffed chair and ottoman in my living room. It doesn’t normally look quite like this. There’s usually a couple empty bottles or cans of diet coke on the side table, an open bag of peanut butter M&Ms tucked in beside me, a beagle on the floor between the chair and the ottoman, and a maine coon asleep on the back of the chair. I erred on the side of neat over authentic, but you can get the picture. I write here, blog here, Facebook and Tweet here. I spend hours hunched over my laptop in this chair and I have the cervical collar to prove it.

The first full book that I wrote in this chair with my new laptop is the one that is coming out July 3rd – MORE THAN HE EXPECTED. This is my second book with Harlequin Desire and continues the story of some of my favorite characters from my first book, WHAT LIES BENEATH, that came out this past April. When I first started getting fan mail about my first book, almost every one of them asked if I would be writing Gwen and Alex’s story. I was happy to tell them, yes, and it was coming out soon.

Thanks again for letting me visit today. Hopefully you enjoyed my tale of two workspaces.

Andrea’s latest release, MORE THAN HE EXPECTED, combines the fun of a sexy, playboy billionaire, a spunky nurse, and an unexpected pregnancy that changes everything.

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