Monday, June 11, 2012

Male on Monday: Matt Damon

SuperRomance author Molly O'Keefe explains why Matt Damon always provides inspiration for her heroes but how her current hero also has elements of  Adrian Grenier
At the beginning of every book, all my heroes are some version of Matt Damon. This probably dates me, and it’s definitely strange. But Matt Damon has just always been perfect hero material to me. But of course as I start to really construct my hero Matt Damon fades away and this new, totally made up person takes his place.

                For Jeremiah Stone, the hero of  Unexpected Family, I really liked the idea of a playboy with a heart of gold having the rug pulled out from under him and learning to make his way in a very mundane reality.  And what’s more real than three kids? More mundane than laundry?

                So, I gave him both, as well as some grief over the loss of his sister, his utter cluelessness over taking care of her three orphaned children, and a whole lot of broken dreams that he thought he didn’t care about anymore… but I wanted him to keep trying on behalf of those boys. Always, always trying.  

                That sounds like Matt Damon, right?

                But there was this loveable rogue, element to him too. Charming, sexy, casual.

                I was a big fan of the show Entourage. I like shows about friends, and those guys were really interesting friends. And there was something about Vincent Chase, played by Adrian Grenier that inspired Jeremiah Stone. Vincent Chase was Jeremiah before the sad stuff happened. When he was just a playboy having fun.  So, I think my inspiration for Jeremiah, is part Matt Damon, part Adrian Grenier. And all this picture…

You can read more about Molly O'Keefe and her books on her website Her latest Unexpected Family is available wherever good romance books are sold in print and ebook.


  1. LOVED this book!!

    Molly's characters are so real and her writing style is so descriptive. One of my favorite SuperRomance authors!!


  2. Thanks Marcie! It's hard to go wrong with Matt Damon as inspiration!!!