Monday, June 04, 2012

Male on Monday: Mason Lan Val

Nocturne Author Linda Thomas Sunstrom shares her inspiration behind her latest hero
Hi Pink Hearts...

I'm Linda Thomas-Sundstrom, and am glad to be here today, sharing my latest immortal with you on Male Monday, and what inspired us to meet.

From my new Nocturne book, out this month,"Guardian of the Night," I'd like to introduce you to Mason LanVal, a gorgeous, strong, centuries old immortal. One of seven Blood Knights from the time of the round table, still around today.

He was found in a remote corner of France by an American woman, by accident, while looking for her missing sister. And what a find! Imagine stumbling upon one of these guys!

The background for Mason is this: seven of the knights of the Round Table were undefeated in battle and unearthly beautiful because they actually were unearthly. Seven men were chosen for their loyalty to a cause, their superior strength and their valor for one last quest: the protection of the world's most holy relic, and the misconceptions about the power in it. Seven knights, granted everlasting life and immortality for this specific purpose, an objective that bends and twists over the centuries, eventually scattering the Seven around the globe.

Mason LanVal is tall, with dark hair and beautiful, light eyes. He is muscular and sinewy in all the right places, and all man, trust me. Mason has been leading a reclusive life, adhering to his the vow he took so many years ago, and is known by the few locals who've crossed his path as The Guardian of the Night, because he walks the roads and forests after dark, searching for ways to sweep the world free of the monsters that have risen in numbers by abusing the very kind of blood originally placed in his own veins.

He is after vampires.

He is one of the strongest of his kind.

And when a woman out to find him gets her leg caught in an old wolf trap, he breaks with his self-imposed, reclusive, exile in order to help her. With just one drop of his blood, sealed with a kiss to Faith James's lips, in order to save her life, Mason LanVal sets into motion a passion that transcends everything and links he and Faith together, for good or ill.

Yes, he's that kind of hero. (*sigh*)

I've included a picture of him here, for you to salivate over, as well as the cover of the book, which doesn't quite do Mason justice.

Maybe you'll want to pick up "Guardian of the Night" and read Mason's story; get to know him, as I did. This immortal who is out to protect us all . . . or as many of us as he can. Capturing his story on paper was sheer writing bliss, and I loved every minute of learning about Mason's incredible life.

So ------ does anyone here want one of these knights for yourself?

If, so, please wave at me today, and leave a comment. Share the love.

Cheers for now -



  1. Hi Linda
    I'd say I was in lust but such a special sounding hero deserves better than that even at this very short acquaintance. Definitely the sort of guy one would like to get to know a lot better. A whole lot better .

    1. Love that he strikes you in the right spots, Princess. SO glad you're smitten. Hope you'll read more about him.

  2. Replies
    1. I'll loan him to you.... when I tire of him, Desere. K?

  3. Yep - that's a guardian who could lead me anywhere!

  4. Yum!!!!

    I'd take a knight from the round table any day!!! LOL

    Congratulations on the new release!

    Lisa :)

  5. And he has six other brothers...... one for everybody?
    Hapy Tuesday!