Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Learning Curve of the New Author: Party!!!

So, while I might have seemed a tad serious talking about revisions etc in earlier posts, today's topic is entirely FUN!

There are some really nice parts of being an author and I was lucky enough to have experienced some of those last month (and beware, because next month I'm going to tell you all about the RNA conference in Penrith and it'll look as if I do no work whatsoever!).

Last month, I spent a delightful day down in London for the RNA Summer Party and some time at Mills and Boon Headquarters in Richmond to do some filming for them, and go to lunch with my editor.

My day started at 5am, leaving home in Scotland, driving down the wrong sliproad on the motorway, saying a few naughty words and reversing back up it!!!!!!! Well, hey???  There was no-one else on the road at that time in the morning!

I did actually manage to make it to Glasgow Airport in one piece, park the car and my flight took off on time, taking me to the lovely Charing Cross Hotel in London, and a quick tube journey out to Richmond to meet my editor.

This was my first ever visit to Mills and Boon Headquarters.  I could tell you I was excited, but that doesn't even begin to touch it!  I'd also been asked to do some filming to promote the medical line and two Love Bites to promote the books I have coming out in September and November.  It was a bit nerve wracking and I'm a little scared my interview will need subtitles to sort out my thick Scottish accent!

Next it was off for a lovely lunch with my editor Carly.  It started with cocktails, then wine and gorgeous food in beautiful surroundings.

After that it was the quickest dash in the world back to the Charing Cross Hotel to get changed and head to Waterstones in Piccadily where the RNA were meeting in the bar.

And then a troop along the road (in very high shoes) to get to the RNA Summer Party where I was up for the Joan Hessayon Award.

For those of you who don't know, RNA meetings are all about the shoes.  My shoes were a work of art, they just were designed for practical purposes.  In fact, another writer had brought along her very sensible sandals to walk along the road, so I stole her silver shoes which were so much easier to walk in than mine!

Overall I had a fabulous time.  There's something so nice about spending time with other writers.  People that want to talk about Point of View, conflict and other things that normal people would think crazy.  If you haven't been to a writerly event I'd recommend you give it a try!

The President's Baby Doctor

Famous neonatologist Lincoln Adams is looking after the President's newborn daughter when nurse Amy Carson arrives at the hospital, posingas his very pregnant wife!  Amy's had first-hand experience of Linc's skilful hands and he's the only person she trusts to look after her precious cargo, but trusting him with her fragile heart is another matter....


  1. Scarlet, what a wonderful experience. Now I know that RNA is all about the shoes, I'll be warned in case I ever make it over to the UK for it. It's wonderful being able to chat to other writers, isn't it? Especially romance writers - always so much fun.

    Love the photos - thanks for sharing. It sounds like you had an absolutely action packed day!

  2. Thanks Annie - I had a fab day. Just couldn't walk again for three weeks!

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