Saturday, June 02, 2012

Writer's Workspace with Donna Alward

Columnist Donna Alward is back to share her writing sanctuary!
My workspace is a delight.

Before we bought this house, my workspace was a 7x7 bit off the living room. In it was a table with the fish tank on it (it had previously been a child’s table and chairs for tea parties and other bits of girly delights), a piano, and a toy bin. We had one desk and one computer – which I shared with my husband.  It was pretty cramped in that little space. We lived on a busy street, and I didn’t particularly like where we lived so I kept the blind next to my desk closed – I wanted to shut out the outside world. But it worked. It could have been far worse.

When we moved to this house there were enough rooms that I could have an actual office.  I have four rather large windows – the one closest my desk looks out over our front yard: grass, flower beds, and across the street nothing but trees. I have my own desk and my own computer and my own chair! I have a filing cabinet and a bookcase filled with reference books, copies of each of my books and a terrifying TBR.

My husband also has a desk, a computer, and a chair.

If you look at the pic of my desk, you’ll see some fun things that make it "mine". The silk flowers that my girls gave me one Mother’s Day to brighten my desk. A framed cover flat of my first ever Harlequin Romance, HIRED BY THE COWBOY. There’s a sign that says “A Clean House is the Sign of a Broken Computer”, courtesy of my husband who has somewhat made peace with the more “relaxed” state of our house since I got busier with work. There’s an Angry Birds stuffed pig tucked in a cranny, several notebooks, music CDs, and filing. My ereader is buried under slips of paper, my pen holder almost never has pens but it does have earbuds, hair clips, and for some reason, a plastic crochet hook.  And to the right of my monitor there is my current book I’m reading: Moonlight Cove by Sherryl Woods and the handout outlines for a workshop I’m presenting on Saturday.

I also have my husband’s chair which is nicer than mine, because my back has been causing me a lot of grief this spring.
My dog’s crate is in here as well. She keeps me company most days while I’m working. So does our cat. They like to be in the same room as their mama, and I like it too.

And you know, after all that, there is STILL room for a futon. It is my reading corner and the place I sit when I’m doing proofs of manuscripts before they go to print. It makes a delightful extra bed, too.

I can’t think of a nicer place to work. And in the winter when it’s a bit colder, I have an infrared heater in the corner that keeps me toasty.

Donna's latest release is THE REBEL RANCHER, book 2 in her Cadence Creek Cowboys duet. When Bad Boy rodeo star Tyson Diamond meets Clara Ferguson, he doesn't realize he's met his match...


  1. Please tell me your desk is not usually that neat!

  2. It mostly is, Wendy, but I have a theory about that. I need to keep a really tidy work area to compensate for the chaos in my head. If both places are messy at once, I get all overwhelmed.

    Yin and Yang and all that, lol!