Saturday, May 12, 2012

Writer's Workspace: Lacy Williams and giveaway

This week PHS takes a sneak peak into where Love Inspired Historical author Lacy Williams creates her books and she is giving away a copy of her latest.

My workspace is scattered all over our house. I spend my days chasing around a 2-year-old and 8-month-old, and most of my writing time is during naptime or after their bedtime.

Mostly, I park with my laptop on the couch. Sometimes, I have to kick my canine writing buddies off. Sometimes we snuggle. :) Often if I need to get something done while playing with the kiddos, I will use the wireless keyboard and get right down on the floor with them.

Here’s one of my shelves of research books. Yes, I said “one of”, and yes, it’s bulging and needs to be reinforced. I am an admitted research junkie.

Here’s the messy end table I’ve been using as my catch-all. I keep notebooks, a calendar, my current RWR or JOURNAL there. Often I’ll have Donald Maass’s WRITING THE BREAKOUT NOVEL WORKBOOK open there, too. And lots of pens. I’m a pen junkie, too.

I don’t do storyboards, but I use my whiteboard all the time. A good writer friend and mentor (and RITA finalist!), Linda Goodnight, does a circular graph of the hero’s journey when she’s plotting her stories and I’ve pirated her idea, so I’ll often have circles in the middle of all my brainstorming/plotting notes.

My writing workspace pretty much reflects the rest of our home—messy, but we mostly know where everything is. And living with a two-year-old, how much more can you really expect?

Thanks for letting me visit today!

By day, Lacy Williams is a stay-at-home mom battling dirty diapers and dog-hair dust-bunnies. By night, she is a novelist whose debut book has been nominated for an RT Book Reviews 2011 Reviewers’ Choice Award. Her current projects include a screenplay and potty-training her little girl. @lacy_williams


Lacy is celebrating both her birthday and the release of her newest book in May, by giving readers free gifts. Get full details at

To enter Lacy's giveaway email Lacy with the answer to: what's your favorite location to read a good novel?" by 19 May.  Viod where prohibited.

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