Saturday, April 21, 2012

Writer's Workspace: Trish Wylie

This week The Pink Heart Society visits Trish Wylie in her office... 

I started my writing career with a laptop, a Swiss Ball to prop up my feet and the sofa to sit on, but after several books which taught me being within reach of the TV remote wasn’t such a good idea, I turned my spare room into an office to separate work from leisure time.

After many days fighting with flat packs, tools and discovering I should have built the desk IN the room, I came up with a workable space. I now live in this room for more hours than I care to admit.

One of the most important things I’ve discovered I need are places to doodle down notes and stick post-its, so cork boards were a necessity. I keep everything from quotes to love notes from my nieces there. Keeping in mind the weakest part of my writing has always been beginnings I also took time to read several writing books and came up with a little set of prompt cards and ultimately a combined methods chart for structure. Anytime I get stuck I now refer to them to see what might be missing or where I should be in a story at certain points of the word count.

As many authors will tell you one of the greatest joys of being published with Harlequin is foreign editions of your books, so on the shelves they are arranged by country both to make it easier to see what has been out where and for the once yearly attempt I make to ensure they are registered for things like PLR and ALCS; library schemes which allow authors to collect royalties both at home and abroad. For anyone starting out I can highly recommend doing this at the START of your career. Eight years in it took a lot more work...
Some of the other essentials in my office are things like Rodale’s Synonym Finder (as you can see my copy is well used)-research books like Badge Of Honor which helped me learn about the life of a bodyguard for my current WIP-the little blue stone at the bottom of my screen which is supposed to help with inspiration-and the many statues of couples I have spread around the place to add a little romance. I’m also a notebook-a-holic and every WIP has at least one (sometimes several) with scenes or dialogue written longhand which I strike a line through when I’ve used them. Music is another essential; hence the speaker and the IPod. I also have an external hard-drive after burning out one laptop too many and discovering firsthand the naked fear which comes with the thought you might have lost several weeks of work.

Of late, while I’ve been playing with a longer book, I’ve also started to take advantage of all those wooden panelled walls by turning one of them into a giant pin board where I can work out a more complicated plot. Thankfully it’s behind me when I’m working, otherwise I’d be entirely too distracted by it and want to play with it all the time.

So there you go; a little glimpse into my writing cave. As is the tradition I have to thank the PHS for making me polish and vacuum before taking photographs. Usually it’s a lot messier than this and there would be numerous empty coffee cups sitting around, especially when we take into consideration how late this latest Brannigan brother book is and the fact I’m a chapter away from the finish line with edits...

To be in with a chance of winning the second book in the series, telling the story of Daniel Brannigan, an NYPD officer and reserve Marine, simply leave a comment and Trish will chose a winner a week from now.

New York’s Finest Rebel is available in the UK and Ireland as a Riva right now and will be released as a Harlequin Romance in August. For more details you can visit Trish’s website or follow her on Twitter.


  1. Hi Trish, Congrats on the release. The cover looks awesome. Even my daughter fell in love with it!I love the blurb.
    Have great sales! All the best for your current WIP.

  2. I love your statues.
    Thank you so much for sharing your writing space,Trish.

  3. Read the excerpt. Wow. Are all their conversations like that? That was ... uh ... explosive! And I want more!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing the book and your writing space. I enjoyed both very much.

  4. Fantastic post Trish. I love the pics thank you for sharing. I also really like the little romance statues very cute and very inspirational. Congratz again on the release you totally deserve a wealth of sales !

  5. I like the idea of a pinboard - I'm quite a visual person and it would be great to be able to see everything laid out all at once for any project I was working on.

  6. Thanks for the comments guys and sorry it took so long to come back with the name of the book winner. Latest WIP was VERY demanding of my attention, but now its gone I get my life back for a few days before the next two characters move in...

    Anyhoo, the winner is... *drumroll please*... Ruchita!!! Email me through the website, Ruchita (link at bottom of Blog) and I'll pop it in the post on my next trip to ye olde village. CONGRATS!

    And having looked at these pics am now off to vacuum my office again...

  7. Thanks a million, Trish. Looking forward to reading it. Good luck with the WIP!

  8. Congrats to the winner and thank you TW for the contest !