Saturday, April 28, 2012

Writer's Workplace: Christy Barritt

Today the PinkHeart Society has a sneak peek into where Love Inspired Suspense Author Christy Barritt creates her novels


I’m Christy Barritt, and I currently have three Love Inspired Suspense novels released, and four more contracted.

I’d love to give you a “tour” of my writing space. I wanted to straighten up some since I had company coming, but I didn’t have a chance. Instead, you’ll see my place as it really is!

Last year my husband and I went through a major renovation project (that had me pulling my hair out—that’s another post for a different blog, though!). In the process, we added a room and rearranged everything else. So, now I have a nice little office nestled in the corner of the house, a space that used to be our dining room.

My office mate is my beta fish Sushi. He’s quiet company, so I kind of like him.

Above my desk I have two awards that I’ve won for my published work. I like to keep them where I can see them, not to boost my ego, but to remind myself when I get caught in a slump while writing a book—a slump where I’m convinced I’ve got no talent, usually—that I can do it.

A bulletin board on the side of my desk contains pictures of my kids, my goals for 2012 (I love setting goals!), some deadlines, a list of projects, and handmade art by my five-year-old.

On top of the cabinet behind my desk is a glass head I picked up at a flea market in college. That noggin has gone everywhere with me and been used in more practical jokes than I can count. Today, an FBI hat sits atop it. I got that hat when I went through the FBI’s Citizen Academy. I’m not much of a baseball cap girl, but I love seeing it displayed in my office!

Oh, and I also have a “Caution: Crime Scene” rug I keep under my desk. My friend gave me the rug, and it’s fun to look at—especially as I’m diving into writing a suspense novel.

Despite my lovely workstation, I can only work here about 50 percent of the time. Why? You ask. Simple. I have a 22 month old and a kindergartener who, even when their dad is watching them, manage to find me in my office. If I lock the doors, they bang on them. My little guy presses his teary-eyed faced against the glass of the French doors as he looks at me. My dogs get anxious and start trying to scratch their way through the wood. Yeah, really. Talk about not being able to concentrate.

Really—I promise—I spend time with my family. It’s not like I keep myself locked up in my office all the time. But my family just likes being together. Despite that, there does come a time when I *must* work, like it or not.

This means, I escape to my minivan. Yep, really. Sometimes my minivan is parked in the driveway. My neighbors probably think I’m crazy, but really it’s a great place to work. On nice days, I put down the windows and let the breeze waft through. It’s quiet, it’s got a view, and I’ve got a drink holder for my Coca-cola.

I don’t only work in my minivan when I need to escape from my crazy family. I pretty much keep my netbook with me at all times. This works out great when I’m inbetween places. So, if I have to swing by my son’s school to pick him up but have 30 extra minutes, I know exactly how I can spend that time (hint: it’s not going to Starbucks!). It’s amazing what can get done in that half an hour! I find I actually meet a lot of my word count by using moments like those.

My husband likes to make fun of me, saying that we spent @#%! of dollars on this renovation and I go to the van to work? My theory is—whatever works! That’s what I’ll do to get the job done.

So that’s me. The world is my office.

You can find out more about me by visiting my website at:

Oh, and I can I mention this also? My newest release from Love Inspired Suspense just came out this month, and its title is Race Against Time. If anyone has a chance, I’d love for you to check it out!

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  1. Working in your minivan reminds me of a van commercial where a lady goes to relax with a sleep mask and gives herself a manicure too.
    Love the Crime Scene rug!