Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tales of an Unpublished Author: Now That’s the Voice I Wanted to Hear . . Er . . Read

Hello, All!

First, if you read my post last month on writing what you don’t know, Jael McHenry at Writer Unboxed wrote a post on the same subject. It’s worth reading.

What I’m trying to explain today is voice. The all elusive voice. More articles and workshops are emerging on the subject. But, I don’t want you to look at one of them for a definition.

I want you to read for the answer. I’ve been writing for a few years (yes, unfortunately, that’s true) and now I’m reading the voices of friends I’ve met along the way. When I read a story by Maisey Yates, I know it’s her because of certain qualities of her characters.

This line:

The next morning at the God-awful hour of way the Hell too early . . .

from The Nurse’s Not-so-Secret Scandal had me chuckling. Yes, because it’s funny, but also because I could see it’s author (Wendy S. Marcus) saying this. Even though this line if from the male POV, it’s her voice.

Creating your own voice is about being yourself, letting your personal expression flow sans barriers.

Some writers early in their career are afraid to let their voice go. Maybe they’re afraid to say what needs to be said. I’m still guilty of that. And, you know what? The reader notices it. I’ve seen it many times in contest entries.

Another great example is a person’s voice. Sitting in a room full of active 3 year-olds, I’d know for certain which voice is my little one. I've know his voice; I'm cued to its uniqueness.

Certain actors have a unique voice fans can identify right away. Ahem, do I finally get to mention Joe Flanigan?

So, as you write, tell the your character’s stories, using your voice.

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  1. Hi Abbi!
    I'm late. Sorry. Thanks for the mention! And you are correct, creating your own voice is about being yourself! About telling a story the way you want to tell it. Be creative. Have fun!