Monday, April 30, 2012

Male on Monday: Searching for a Hero

Searching for a Hero

So, I haven't managed to log in to Pinterest.  To be honest I'm a bit scared I'll get lost in there for the rest of eternity.  I've downloaded the MoodBoard Lite app but haven't opened it yet.  I can barely load a picture on to Twitter.  I have to follow the instructions and it doesn' t always work.

But, what I can do, quite spectacularly, is spend hours trawling the internet for the next inspiration for a hero.

Then I print them out and spend the whole time I'm writing my story staring at them.  Purely for research purposes - obviously.

And I thought I'd introduce you to a few.

Meet Lincoln Adams.
Now some of you may think this is Patrick Dempsey.  But actually this is my Lincoln Adams, hero of my latest title West Wing to Maternity Wing.  Neonatologist extrordinaire, currently looking after the US President's premature baby daughter.

And a gorgeous specimen he is too.

I'd also like you to meet, John Carter.  And yes, I do know there was another well known dr called John Carter.  But this is mine.
In some secret circles he's known as Bradley Cooper.  But my John is an orthopaedic surgeon who has just had the world swept from beneath his feet when he's found out his stored embryo has been implanted into a stranger by mistake.  A Bond Between Strangers comes out in September.

Number three is Brad Donovan, an Australian working in Glasgow Scotland for my Christmas story Her Christmas Eve Diamond.
It's the absolute gorgeous late, great Andy Whitfield.  A family man at heart, with great strength and determination, just like the Spartacus character he played.  He was the best inspiration for Brad Donovan, the man whose daughter has been snatched out of his life and has spent the last two years searching for her.
My fourth specimen is Gabriel Russo.  Here he, brace yourselves ladies
my Gabriel Russo could be an alias for David Gandy.  Strangely enough my Gabriel gets pictured on a yacht in a pair of white trunks.  Where could the inspiration for that have come from?  This is the cruise ship story I'm currently working on.

And what about the future?

It's got to be Sawyer from Lost.  Why haven't I used him yet??  Right now, I'm calling him Dr Infectious Disease, but I'll think of something better by the time I use him.  Honestly, I will.

So, do any of my heroes appeal?  Or do you have a preference of your own?

WEST WING TO MATERNITY WING  May 2012  Famous neonatologist Lincoln Adams is looking after the US President’s newborn daughter when nurse Amy Carson arrives at the hospital, posing as his very pregnant wife!  Amy’s had first-hand experience of Linc’s skilful hands, and he’s the only person she trusts to look after her precious cargo.  But trusting him with her fragile heart is another matter…..

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