Monday, April 02, 2012

Male on Monday: Giorgio Locatelli

PHS Editor Michelle Styles explains why Giorgio Locatelli is inspiring if you are seaching for an Italian hero who loves food.

I already knew Giorgio Locatelli was a great chef. He is probably the best Italian chef in the UK at the moment. The meal I had at Locanda Locatelli in October 2011 with my husband will live long in my memory, both for the quality of the food and the professionalism of the staff. And I knew he was easy on the eye. My husband has both of his cookbooks -- Made In Italy and Made In Sicily. However until I watched Sicily Unpacked, a BBC travel programme which he co-presented, I had not realised the infectiousness of his laugh, his great child like enthusiasm  and the fantastic tones of his voice.
This is a man who came from Northern Italy, moved to London when he served an appentriceship at the Savoy and then worked in Paris, finally he returned to London created one Michelin starred restaurant  Zafferano and then opened his own Locanda Locatelli which earnt its Michelin star the year after it opened. He comes from an Italian cooking dynasty and credits his grandmother with inspiring him with a love of food. When he was little, he used to help out in his uncle's Michelin starred restaurant on the shores of Lake Commabio. He is truly an alpha male in the kitchen. His attention to detail and making sure that the food is cooked just right for the customer is legendary.
He is happily married with two children. His daughter I believe has (had?) severe food allergies so he learnt to cook for her. Among other things she is allergic to fish.  His love of food and people shines out from the programme and from the stories in his books.
To see Sicily Unpack is to travel to Sicily with a wonderful guide. If you have not seen the programme, I highly recommend it.
This clip will explain about Locatelli's voice and general joie de vivre. In the clip he speaks about his philsophy of life and his nightmare about pans.

If you ever happen to be in London, and can get a table. Locanda Locatelli does have excellent food. The booking has to be done a month in advance and they don't take reservations over the internet. It is truly an experience.

Finally his books are  a wonderful way to feel inspired about cooking, Italy and life in general. SO if you are looking for an Italian hero, you could do worse than to investigate Giorgio Locatelli.

Michelle Styles writes warm, witty and intimate historical romance for Harlequin Historical as well as loving Italian food. You can read more about Michell and her books on her website  Her next book His Unsuitable Viscountess is published in August 2012 in both the UK and the US.


  1. Love men epwho cook
    Any winners from Tracy or Katy Lyons blogs?thanks

  2. Kim H -- Yes there is something about men who cook.
    Kathy Lyons and Tracy should have done something in the comments. It is up to the person who donated the giveaway to organise it. this is because the PHS is an act of love and all the editors are v busy authors themselves.
    I will try to chase them up and see.

  3. I have never heard of him, but beyond The Joy of Cooking, if it isn't something I can freeze for later or for my slow-cooker, I'm not into cookbooks! But the idea of a hero that cooks sends my heart racing!

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  5. Never heard of this guy, but thank you for posting this wonderful article and videos. It was great reading about him.

  6. Melissa -- he can cook. If they show Sicily Unpacked on BBC America or PBS, watch it.

    Lisa -- I am pleased you enjoyed it.