Friday, April 13, 2012

Fill The Well Friday :: Wave on Wave

The Pink Heart Society editor Jenna Bayley-Burke shares her latest Fill The Well suggestion, finding time for you.

Spring vacation is never a vacation for the mom of a three-year-old. Or maybe it's just my preschooler. She is her own woman, and that means she's not going to go with the flow if she's not in the mood. So the dune buggy ride and the zip line course were not on the agenda for me.

What I decided was not optional, was a few moments to myself every day. When you cram five people into a single hotel room, time alone is non-existent. I'm not saying it was easy to take the time, but it had to happen.

There is something therapeutic about the ocean, and lucky for me our hotel room opened up to the beach. I took my camera and went for a walk under the guise of photographing the tide, the birds, the sunset. There is something magical in the horizon line of the ocean, any large body of water really. It seems to go on forever and yet end with a clean edge. The soothing crash of the waves, the salt in the air...however fleeting the moment, I held the calm within me.

I found that calm wherever we went -- the beach, the forest, the dunes. The most beautiful artistry in the world can be found in nature. Yes, touring national parks can help you connect, but so can simply looking up at the clouds or listening to the rain.

Where do you find your calm?

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  1. Hi Jenna, thanks for sharing those photos. Like you, I find calm outdoors, going for a walk, especially one in the bush or by the water (rather than a stroll through a shopping mall). Sometimes though, just being somewhere different, even a crowded place, can be therapeutic. I think it's about having time to step aside from the rush and collect your thoughts.