Saturday, March 10, 2012

Writer's Workspace: Kate Hardy

This week PHS is delighted to peek into award winning Medical and Presents Extra author Kate Hardy's workspace.

So – my workspace. Over the years it’s been everything from a tiny desk in a corner of our dining room, through to our back bedroom (with a whole wall full of bookshelves), and then my wonderful husband decided that we really ought to build a library. (Yes, we’d been watching too many of those TV DIY programmes…)

We extended the house a few years ago, and part of the works meant building a new garage on the side and turning our old one into my office/the spare room when we have lots of people staying.

I admit I’m cheating and giving you the pictures of it in a tidy state – and I promise this is how it’s going to be again when I sort it out in the Easter school holidays (and all the spare foreign editions go to my local library service!)

First off, my desk.

This one’s a picture from the end of January, when I finally switched computer systems from a PC to an iMac. Best bit of kit I’ve ever bought, though my editor says I need a child lock for the iPhoto program because – well, it’s nerd paradise. Put it this way, I have 10 years of digital photographs on the iMac, so logging all the details of the pictures (naming faces and places, putting in a description and a keyword) is sheer joy and a bit of a carrot to make myself do my daily wordcount. (I was very inspired by Sandra Orchard’s workspace last week, as I am seriously thinking about getting Scrivener.)

On the left is my printer (a wireless one, which is very cool because it means we can also sync to my daughter’s laptop and my iPad). On the desk itself is my lamp; a kitchen timer (very important for keeping me focused so I don’t spend the entire day sidetracked on research on the internet); the router; my handbag; a small amount of stationery; pictures of my children; a frog made of tar from Ironbridge in Shropshire; a salamander made of lava from Vesuvius; a coaster for the mug of coffee that lives on my desk when I’m working; a 1p piece for undoing the battery compartment of my keyboard; and a tuning fork.

Behind the desk on the wall is a map of Norwich in the middle ages (don’t ask because I can be verrrry boring about this); my to-do list; an appointment letter from the dentist (so I don’t forget); and my calendar.

To my left is a filing cabinet and bookshelf (this one holds one copy of every M&B I’ve written along with one copy of all the foreign editions I’ve been sent).

Behind me: more bookshelves. The very top row are all mine :) I will confess they don’t look that neat right now, but I will tidy them… Oh, and my guitar lives behind my office chair. (Hence the tuning fork.)

To my right: the window, and a chair which opens out into a guest bed, but which is also very comfortable for reading.

In the UK, you can get a copy of The Ex Who Hired Her and Dr Cinderella’s Midnight Fling; they’re also available on the eHarlequin website (out in shops in April). You can find out more about these books, and Kate, on her website ( and her blog (


  1. Nice big bookshelf. You've been busy. Tuning fork is also impressive. I've never been able to tune with one. Do you use the iPad for writing as well?

  2. Hi Fiona - nice to see you here. Yes, I do use the iPad for writing - more for notes and 'dirty draft' writing, and most often in the car while waiting to pick up one of the kids or in the garden if it's a nice sunny morning :) As for the bookshelves - there are 7 bookcases, and to my shame they're all getting full!

  3. Kate, I loooove, the bookshelves. How terrific!