Monday, March 12, 2012

Male On Monday :: Matt Damon

Superromance author Tracy Wolff may be fashionable late to The Pink Heart Society's Male on Monday party...but who cares? She brought Matt Damon! And she's making it up to us with a giveaway.

I’m a tall, dark and handsome kind of girl.  Dark hair, worn a little too long.  Midnight eyes that are just a little tortured.  Tal, gorgeous physique (and I mean TALL—I rarely write a hero under six foot two and my dragons are often more like six foot five).  Oh, and with that description, I’m sure it will come as no surprise that I’m a sucker for the bad boy with just a hint of vulnerability.  These are the characters I write (Kevin from Full Exposure, Quinn from Hidden Embers, Jesse from A Christmas Wedding) and the characters I love to read about (J.R. Ward’s Zsadist, Sherilynn Kenyon’s Zarek, Emily Bronte’s Heathcliff).  They’re also the characters I love to watch on the big screen—and the actor’s who portray them should be as tall, dark and handsome as the bad boy deserves.

With one notable exception: Matt Damon, who is very handsome but definitely not tall, dark or tortured.  And yet, I can’t get enough of him.  My friends say it’s because I first fell for him in Courage Under Fire and Good Will Hunting, two films where he plays very tortured characters.  Or maybe it’s because he followed it up with the character of Tom Ripley, who is a bonafide sociopath (I told you I like them bad).  Or maybe it’s because, despite all the roles he plays, he’s a really decent guy who loves his family and works hard to make the world a better place.  Who knows why I love Matt.  I just do. 

Which is why, when I sat down to write the character of Simon Hart in my latest Superromance, From the Beginning, I decided to go a different route than usual and modeled him, looks wise, after Matt (though he is taller, I admit).   He’s also a lost soul instead of a bad boy, but I think that’s just part of his charm ;) 

Simon is a character that I’ve lived with for a long time.  Usually, I get an idea, write the proposal, sell it and write the book.  But From the Beginning is different. It was supposed to be my second Everlasting Love novel, way back when I first sold, and when the line went under I thought the story idea had as well.  Things didn’t quite work out that way, though.  Simon, and his heroine, Amanda, refused to go away.  At first, they popped up at odd moments—little pieces of dialogue I couldn’t resist.  Then they invaded my dreams, and then, one day when I was writing a different Superromance, I kept typing their names instead of my current characters’ names.  That’s when I knew I had to write their story.

From the Beginning isn’t the easiest read (it starts with Amanda on the verge of a nervous breakdown over the loss of hers and Simon’s daughter) and Simon isn’t the easiest hero (he’s a lost soul who buries his own grief and doesn’t know—but has to learn-- how to be there for the only woman he’s ever loved as she stops being able to outrun her own sadness).  But by the end, he’s become a truly extraordinary person, one I am very proud to have written.

So, who is your favorite kind of hero?  Do you like the bad boy or the lost soul?  The warrior or the swashbuckler or the professor?  Leave a comment to be entered to win a copy of From the Beginning, or any one of Tracy Wolff/Tessa Adams/Tracy Deebs’s backlist.


  1. The bad boy of course, but he has to have a shred of decency. Too little is never too late!

  2. Like the professor
    The hot bad boy,thanks for the giveaway

  3. Hello again!
    My, you sure get around! (I don't say that to just anybody, LOL!)
    Prefer bad boys over lost souls.
    Prefer professors over swashbucklers and warriors.
    Really, though, I'll read just about anything as long as it is well written.

  4. BTW, I'm surprised you didn't ask if we preferred Matt Damon or Ben Affleck! (Both are just fine by me....)